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Gamla_Stan_sweThe capital of Sweden is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You must also agree upon seeing his own mix of orange-colored buildings, terracotta, orange and blue shades that include sunny skies and waters that divide the city. You definitely fall in love when I first saw the old city center of Gamla Stan.

Stockholm consists of 14 islands connected by 50 bridges and surrounded 24000 islands in the Baltic Sea, thus dubbed as the Venice of the North. The conditions that may be a bit difficult you while reading the map because every tourist sites are located in different islands. It turns out the island adjacent and connected by bridges. Through a bridge course, we’ve got to a different island. Practically, no need to ship services. Each island kept the charm and the different tourist attractions. It felt satisfied after exploring every island in Stockholm. Stockholm were told himself as The Capital of Scandinavia does offer impressive city tour experience.

Travel Guide in Stockholm

Time to get out of the airport and to the city of Stockholm. Such as airports in general, located at Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm city center and needed further transport to reach the city center. Transportation options to go to the City of Stockholm is a train or bus.

Arlanda Express train line special opening that connects to Stockholm Arlanda Centralstationen. You need to pay 260SEK can use this train. Famous airport bus is Flygbussarna, to be able to ride this bus you just pay 99SEK for 79SEK for adults and young people. Swebus also opens the route to Stockholm Arlanda Cityterminalen, with less pay less you can reach out to all regions in Sweden and the service offered by Swebus.

Swebus ticket prices differentiated by age categories, namely Youth, Child, Adult, and Senior. Youth ticket prices 20% cheaper than the Adult ticket. For comparison, the price ticket Stockholm Arlanda Cityterminalen for Youth is 74SEK, while for Adult achieve 89SEK. Differ only 13 Krona. Expensive for countries like Sweden, save 13 krona, it means a lot. Do not be disappointed if you pass the age limit for Youth Swebus ticket prices will also be cheaper on Monday to Thursday and Saturday.

Quite easily out of Arlanda, with clear signage directing me toward the bus stop. Straight out of the airport buses lined with a variety of names, simply choose the wanted boarded. You can also just show the printout to the ticket to the bus driver because already booked tickets Swebus of the country of origin. There printed barcode and the bus driver will scan as validation. To check you are buying the correct ticket or not, usually the bus driver will ask for passports to be checked. To the east asia you should be grateful because usually look younger than the actual age.

Stockholm Arlanda Cityterminalen route towards a new route for Swebus. However, the bus Flygbussarna have long used routes. View of the highway began to unfold before my eyes. Deserted, because it is not filled with vehicles. Broad Meadow greet you when out of Arlanda was a bit chilly. Scandinavia seems friendly enough welcome the tourists on the first day.

Bus that brought tourists to get to Stockholm Cityterminalen in 35 minutes. Slowly changing scenery, rugged rocks and sharp cliffs dominate the scenery outside window. Wildflowers vegetation such difficulty living with a portion of land that is less than the rocks. Landscape changed again, this time some urban buildings began to appear. Welcome to Stockholm.

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