Tourist Fraud on Mount Kilimanjaro

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So, there’s this guy who got busted for allegedly pulling a fast one on a bunch of charity trekkers, leaving them stranded abroad.

According to BBC, on Sunday (18/2/2024), a group of 26 climbers coughed up as much as £3,500 each to Aspire Adventures, a company based in Brynrefail, Gwynedd, England, all geared up to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.

They shelled out for accommodations, gear, and guides, but when they touched down in Tanzania, they found out they were pretty much on their own.

Enter North Wales Police, who swooped in and arrested a 49-year-old bloke suspected of pulling a con by feeding them a bunch of lies.

These climbers had big hearts, hoping to raise funds for Hope4, to support refugees and orphans in Moldova, by taking on Africa’s highest peak.

But now, instead of focusing on their climb, they’re hustling to raise cash, setting up a GoFundMe page and dipping into their own pockets and borrowing from family just to keep going.

North Wales Police say they’re still digging into the case.

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