Beond Airlines Cool Upgrade: Apple Vision Pro Now Onboard!

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Beond Airlines, the chill premium airline from the Maldives, is spicing up your flight experience with the latest tech craze – the Apple Vision Pro! Yep, you heard it right. They’re bringing the futuristic gadgetry of the Vision Pro to the skies, making your journey even more epic.

So, what’s the buzz about this Apple Vision Pro? Well, imagine having a super high-tech gadget that’s like your own personal assistant, all packed into a pair of smart glasses. From binge-watching your favorite shows to getting some work done or even just goofing around, these glasses have got you covered.

According to the scoop from Phonearena on a lazy Saturday (February 17, 2024), Beond Airlines is gearing up to offer this cool gadget to some lucky passengers as part of their swanky flight experience. Known for their posh amenities like gourmet meals and comfy seats that practically turn into beds, Beond is taking things up a notch by adding the Vision Pro to the mix.

In a press release dropped on a laid-back Thursday (February 15, 2024), Beond spilled the beans about their plan to roll out the Vision Pro on select flights heading to the Maldives. With their fleet doubling up recently, thanks to a shiny new jet, Beond is all set to whisk travelers away from Milan, Dubai, and Bangkok straight to paradise.

Tero Taskila, the big cheese over at Beond, couldn’t contain his excitement about this game-changing move. “Apple Vision Pro is -flight entertainment game-changer. Alongside the usual movie marathons and gaming sessions, we’ll be treating our passengers to breathtaking visuals of Maldivian paradise and all the awesome stuff you can do there.”

Taskila added, “We want passengers to living the dream even before touch down in Maldives. Introducing the Apple Vision Pro is just another way we’re making sure our travelers get the VIP treatment from start to finish. We’re stoked to be the first airline to make this happen!”

Now, while the press release didn’t spill the beans on exactly how many pairs of Vision Pro glasses will be up for grabs on each flight or how lucky passengers will be chosen, one thing’s for sure – Beond Airlines is about to take your flying experience to a whole new level!

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