The Worlds Largest Orangutan Conservation

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Tanjung_Puting_river_boatsNational park of tanjung puting is located in central kalimantan peninsula. here you can find a conservation as to the worlds largest orangutan population is estimated at 30, 000 out to 40, 000 orangutans are scattered in national parks plus outside the national park. additionally tn tanjung puting may be a designated biosphere reserve in 1977 with the use of a core space of tn tanjung puting space of 415 040 ha were established in 1982.

When using the standing of tn and tn tanjung puting biosphere reserves often is maintained continuity and may be a tourist attraction in indonesia. this contrasts with conservation of orangutans in alternative elements of borneo where we see orangutans in man-made habitats.

Tanjung puting in tn this we could see the natural habitat of orangutans in person and then determine their lives within the wild. tanjung puting was originally a nature reserve and wildlife reserves with the use of a total space of 305, 000 ha.

The very best method out to visit the tanjung puting national park is by boat klotok. why popularly known as boats klotok, as a result of this ship sounds tock-tock-tock in order that native communities provide the name as to the ship klotok.

Klotok ship is fairly comfortable accommodation which will accommodate 7 out to 12 passengers. the pace in this ship isn’t constricting, therefore we could relish the atmosphere along side river sekonyer the river. using this ship passengers will relish the sunset, fireflies firefly and wild animals are generally seen along at the riverside.

Much of tanjung puting national park visitors are foreign tourists. the quantity of foreign tourists who return here in order to make individuals pangkalan bun and also the national park any improve their services.

One example is once we climbed klotok not inferior out to service in star hotels, in which the guide and captain were invariably friendly. cooking was additionally excellent if we compare when using the customary big town. it might be that these are used out to serve foreign tourists therefore customary service quality was still smart. therefore though its late, we could sleep by the boat klotok accompanied by a mosquito net.

High season in tn tanjung puting has full booking this klotok transport by ship. in july out to august is that the high season episode as it coincided with college holidays. you need to to be able to visit tn tanjung puting avoid these months the month, alternative than that bring mosquito repellent.

Along the Sekonyer river we could see monkeys swinging from one tree out to another. this forest is home out to eight species of primates. as well as monkeys who have an extended nose ( proboscis ).

With the time sekonyer the river in the spot where tourism in tn tanjung puting is be careful with crocodiles, these are onerous to view however these are close to the river. indeed appear as if it was eventually our river to actually swim and luxuriate in nature this national park.

In sekonyer river region is partly contaminated with sewage river gold mine located close to this space. however if it’s shut to actually leakey camp we can see 2 lines leakey camp and headed over the mine space. within the space of the camp leakey sekonyer river isn’t contaminated waste. here we could see that the river water dark red however not as dirty as a result of natural immersion as to the roots as to the roots of bushes under the river.

Perhaps one of the fascinating places in tanjung puting is camp leakey, the orangutan conservation. indeed, before heading to actually camp leakey, there could be alternative camps like tanjung harapan, pondok tanggui, camp pondok soar, and one last is camp leakey.

camp leakey will be the largest and was built in 1971. this place could be a shelter location orangutan rescued from illegal hunting. presently the camp is generally known as a center for orangutan research.

we could study the orangutans at camp leakey info center. feed the orangutans generally are not allowed at camp leakey and alternative camps. this camp will surely be maintained and stay vital as a result of orangutans are an endangered species, threatened by your impact of deforestation and of course the illegal pet trade.

additionally tangui cottage can be a rehabilitation center for captured orangutans. this conservation center within the second, you’ll get a probability to view these amazing primates up shut and discover a lot of about how we could shield endangered species due to island of borneo.

Accommodation in Tanjung Puting

For accommodation in tanjung puting using klotok or boat tours, jungle lodge and guest house. to get this there could be associations that klotok klotok travel association kumai ( hkwk ) and already has standards for rental per day.

Klotok rent varies according in the size and of course the ships engine :
1. tour 1 day, rent klotok from rp 1. 3 million – rp 2 million.
2. tour 2 days, klotok rental from rp 750, 000 – rp 1. 2 million.
3. tour over 3 days, klotok rental from rp 600, 000 – rp 1 million.

Too native tour guide or skilled organizations gathered in containers that asian guides association. for tour fee from rp 250, 000 per day ( 1-4 folks ). when the guide is a little more than 4 folks, rent negotiable by tour guide.


Cook will be the one who can cook and prepare everything in klotok food wants for at klotok. cook fare is rp 120, 000 for 4 folks per day. if a little more than 4 folks, say 5 folks then rp 120, 000 + rp 30, 000 = rp 150, 000 per day. thus any extra bodies, it too boosts the pay of rp 30, 000 per person.

Admission to actually tn tanjung puting for local tourists is Rp 12. 000/person/day, Rp 5. 000/camera, rp 15. 000/handycam, klotok ticket rp 50, 000, rp 10. 000/klotok/day klotok parking tickets. for foreign tourists admission rp 120. 000/person/day, rp 50. 000/camera, rp 150. 000/handycam, klotok ticket rp 50, 000, rp 10. 000/klotok/day klotok parking tickets.

Relating to food and beverages will regulate to actually budget travellers, reckoning on style. for your overview of the value rp 100, 000 – rp 20, 000 per person per day.

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