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Photo by yeowatzup/Wikimedia
Photo by yeowatzup/Wikimedia

Russia has eleven time zones. The sun rises four hours early and most late sank three hours in the western city of Russia.Before leaving, you have to prepare everything carefully, including finding the best path so there is no wasting time, or sleep at the destination without meaning. Once off the plane, immediately explore the beauty of the new country visited. Enjoy the cultural, culinary, and nature. Careful planning is crucial.

To go to Russia, you can use the plane to Moscow. It is advisable that before leaving lots of reading Russian history is in the books. Enough knowledge over the country of destination will help deepen knowledge and understanding of the situation.
To create efficiencies in travel to Russia, elements of flight costs become very significant because it takes up half of the overall cost of travel. If not clever in arranging, precisely in the waste sector will occur. To avoid waste, you must do the planning as early as possible. When you buy a ticket a week before departure, of course, the seat is up for sale cheap. It is better to buy tickets for the three months prior to departure. Thus, it can be guaranteed to get a cheaper ticket prices. Of course with such minimal price does not allow to do the day shift. For easier, enlist the help of a friend in Russia if there is to buy by attaching a copy of your passport. Tickets can be delivered electronically via email to tourists.

There are many alternative flights to Moscow. Such as Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihad. Based on the current schedule, the most cost both in time is from Singapore Airlines. These can make the flight in the early morning, so you can sleep on the plane. But from Singapore Airline tickets are quite expensive when compared to others. Sometimes the same ticket to a different class of almost 400 dollar difference.In the summer, usually in the range of tickets sold in 1300 dollars. Indeed, the comfort must be paid for with higher prices.

Qatar Airways is included in the category of airlines sell tickets for pretty cheap. Something to be aware of the airlines are connecting. Imminent change in policy is a matter of connecting so check and double check to be important. If using Etihad, you have to spend about seven hours in Abu Dhabi. When a reservation more than a month in advance, you can get a room at the airport, such as the facilities provided for the business class. Flight with such facility is also provided by other airlines such as Thai Airways.However, usually there are no lodging facilities.

If using the Emirates, you just need to wait for a connecting about 4 hours. The time there also can be no use for shopping in the duty free Dubai is renowned as a shopping paradise. Various interesting items at low prices available here. Emirates and Etihad have intense price competition ticket. Not infrequently you can get a 750 dollar ticket if purchased long ago. The price could be less could be more, depending on the circumstances and seasons, usually relatively cheap in low season and high in the high season. Moscow to get a ticket to the $ 750 figure is something reasonable. While above 1000 dollars including the expensive category, if it is below 600 dollars belong to the class of people who are lucky.

Travel Russia Visa Requirements

To obtain a visa from the Russian government in the Russian embassy, it would be better if there was an invitation that serves as a kind of pe njamin.To get the invitation, travelers can communicate with the hotel or inn that will be addressed there by making a reservation.After rising and invitations sent to potential tourists via email or faksimilie, then copy of the letter of invitation will be one of the visa application at the embassy annex Russia.

Thus, you also have to prepare the ticket and invitation before applying for a visa. If the two elements are met, can be easily administered. Do not suddenly, as suddenly visa in time usually served with a much more expensive price.

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