The Mysterious of Blood Laguna in Chile

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Chilean_Flamingo_at_Laguna_NimezGot water colours as red as blood, the red lagoon in camina, chile appearance characteristic. wait a moment, turned red within the lagoon possesses a mysterious story. that aforesaid, a phenomenon that occurs containing curse. hii ! clearly as the name implies, has got the red lagoon waters red. the lake is located within the town of camina, about 147 km due to town of iquique in northern chile.

Quoted from amusing planet, wednesday, the red color of one’s red lagoon water like ink or blood. though native residents already apprehend the existence of one’s red lagoon, the national service of tourism chile truly a brand new plan in 2009. that aforesaid, the space along the lagoon was once inhabited from the aymara tribes and ancient civilizations. they actually managed to actually hide his legend. like the normal tombs in egypt, it conjointly possesses a lagoon supposedly anathema to actually anyone who approached him.

That would be why, within the past nobody is aware of specifically wherein the red lagoon. in reality, the loss of a large number of aymara tribe believed being a result of their total drinking water within the lake.

The red color within the water red lagoon increasingly contrasted with 2 natural ponds yellow and green that surrounds it. no less mysterious, supposedly the two main pools can unharness bubbles when visited by those who generally are not nice. well, due to the myth that a lot of those who conclude that the red color upon the lagoon due to the fragile creatures.

Unlike the myths in regards to the red lagoon, a few consultants accept color colours derived from algae that live within the lagoons. color differences occur conjointly due to the sort of algae that reside in every lagoon vary.

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