The Bulgarian Human Face Shaped Stone Mystery.

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Stone-faceWho would have thought balkans in bulgaria unsolved mystery ? the peninsula uses a human face-shaped rock formations. nobody is aware of for positive the origin as to the existence of the stone. the distinctive rock formations you might want to see within the belogradchik rocks, town belograd, balkans, bulgaria. the town is located in northwest bulgaria, close to the border with serbia. if departing from sofia town, you might want to menumpuh distance of about 170 km.

Apparently, the presence of belogradchik rocks were legendary, even terribly famous among traveler. quoted coming from the official website of bulgarian tourism, wednesday, the rocks are there in belogradchik rocks are now more often 200 years ago.

Unmitigated, these rock formations uses a length of 30 km with the use of a width of about 6-7 km. that can build it attention-grabbing, this stone there that uses a form resembling a human face. wow ! a lot of distinctive once more, every stone was given totally different names, an example would be adam, eve, rebel velko, dervish, and dewi bendida. the stone rider horse, the maiden, the castle, adam and eve became one of the famous among traveler.

Unfortunately, as nonetheless unknown origin as to the appearance as to the stone. i was just thus mysterious, there will be people that suppose the place may be a ghost house occupants belogradchik rocks. curious to view straight ? travelers will reach it by motor vehicle. no want to actually worry about as a result of the access road to actually this space is paved sleek.

When traveling here, you don’t have to actually frantically trying and get a place to actually keep. already there will be several accommodation choices in there, ranging from hotels, home stays to actually apartments.

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