The Most Dangerous Native Foods Destinations Around the World

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Not solely it involves tourist spots, traveling is likewise done obtain a typical food tasting destination. other then be careful when it involves 5th place. native food is harmful, a few disgusting, a few are deadly !

adapted of listverse, monday these 5 native food destination offers the most dangerous in the country :


The tradition of drinking tea has also been applied to japan. other then you ought to not follow the tradition sokushinbutsu. this can be possibly one of the tea tradition in japan that uses a leaf given by a tree urushi ( toxicodendron vernicifluum ).

The matter is, this tree contains a deadly poison. cultivate tea in the incorrect approach, the toxins within the leaves will cause the body to firmly lose a large amount of fluids. additional appalling, these toxins will cause death. other then don’t worry an excessive amount, as a result of tea urushi is currently illegal in japan.

Calabar Africa

In calabar, africa grow peas caliber flourish. other then don’t ever tasted it, as a result of beans have been observed to firmly contain toxins which can be found terribly high.

If determined to firmly eat it, you’ll develop nerve injury, muscle spasms, respiratory and digestive system injury. furthermore, those who eat nuts will lead to firmly death. so, everybody as well as the lost traveler suggested to not eat peanuts caliber to firmly sustain life.

Nagaland, India

Jolokia could be a dragon, names of alternative foods which can be found not less dangerous to firmly style. this will be the hottest chili in the country that continues to be within the guinness world records.

Naga jolokia will you style within the regions of india, inclusive of assam, nagaland and manipur. due to the spiciness, adults consume lower than 4 kg jolokia chili dragon can be threatened death.

Island of Sardinia, Italy

Cheese is possibly one of the foods most commonly found in italy. other then do carelessly ate whereas upon the island of sardinia, italy. casu marzu, the name of one’s cheese in sardinia, forbidden to remain consumed upon the grounds of hygiene.

The cheese is made out of sheeps milk. in preparation, a special fly larvae were injected directly into cheese-making materials. party maggots will not be avoided. there could be a very large number maggots the fact that cheese helps the fermentation method. therefore, don’t be surprised if there was a sudden jump when tasting casu maggots marzu.


Lutefisk could be a typical food you will find in scandinavia. it could be a fish that’s immersed with in alkaline resolution for days. worse, if marinated too long, fatty fish can slowly transform soap. even that’s too alkaline luterfisk may got a ph or acidity 12. this will be the most alkaline ph.

Being a result, in the event the force is simply too alkaline style lutefisk, your digestion will just be disturbed. luterfisk the bottom alone will corrode pans, plates and spoons, how the digestive system ?

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