The Free Luxury Cars Around City in Pulau Weh

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Gas_station_Pulau_WehAs indonesias westernmost island, pulau weh has several tourist attractions. however besides the beautiful nature, there is definitely alternative issue of interest here. luxury cars like bmw and ferrari, harley motorcycles, seliweran with this island. how thus ?

Throughout a visit to actually pulau weh finish of 2010, asiafreetravel see themselves luxury cars that passed on weh island. as soon as the ferry pulled into your port of sabang, there’s somewhat car mercedes-benz s class is parked within the harbor. once classy side along with the passenger ships and cargo.

After that, alternative luxury cars seem scattered across the island of weh. in residential areas, within the center of one’s small locality of sabang, inside the beaches, in front of one’s mosques and occasional outlets. there could be bmw, mercedes-benz, ford, jaguar, ferrari even !

Mochamad takdis, traveler author of no matter im backpacker and boasting-boasting backpacker gembel too never see the exact issue. some luxury cars in varied components of one’s island of weh. first fitting get out of ports within the street there exists a white ferrari dusty. i ask to actually the driver how come back there is so luxury cars, aforementioned mochamad takdis who nicknamed adis asiafreetravel when contacted on thursday.

Adis any, the driver was told. sabang ( pulau weh and overall ) could be a free economic zone indonesia. there was no tax here. luxury cars that originate from singapore and malaysia. the driver too enjoyed a land cruiser in 2008. the value is usd 3500 aja ! adis added.

Yes, being a free economic zone, there’s hardly any tax applicable on weh island. nice posts within the harbor were labeled sabang free port. moreover during this island, the value of one’s cars is incredibly cheap and positively made our mouths gaping.  the value of rp 35 million direct from land cruiser had the driver, the original value of rp 5 million. usd 30 million is for our cost out to bring a car from singapore sabang, same adis.

Rome, public relations community i like aceh says car prices in pulau weh will get a quarter as to the value within the whole market. asiafreetravel was once asked one amongst the transport drivers in pulau weh concerning the value of jaguar cars. guess what ? rp 40-100 million. not vary much when using the value of cars mercedes-benz s class, same roma.

Tempting isn’t it ? other then, is unlawful for our owner as to the car plates x out to carry out vehicle weh island. you could have to repay customs duty luxury car for 40% as to the original value plus tax. other then theres a sign outside the car, the license plate variety listed upon the letter x, same adis.

Other then throughout a holiday upon the island, benefit from the amenities this luxury cars. not infrequently locals rent car, car driver or changing into a chartered for tourists. you might want to ride all around the island of weh bmw, ferrari, or possibly a jaguar ! the rent of rp 200, 000 daily late. could use the driver further, barely add the value according onto the agreement, added roman.

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