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In history, the Thai nation comes from the North. Starting from one city and then slowly come together under the Lanna kingdom centered on Chiang Mai in the 13th century. Then continue to Sukhothai, the first capital of Thailand.  Majestic mountain landscape in northern provide stunning scenery, waterfalls, large rivers for rafting, and is home to a mountain tribe, the Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Mien, Akha and Lisu, each has its own customary.

Chiang Mai

With its relaxed atmosphere, the biggest city in the north is a popular tourist center thanks to its natural beautiful and world-class service, but at a cost that is much cheaper than Bangkok. When you are in Chiang Mai, do not forget to taste kantoke, Northern Thai-style feast, or a romantic cafes on the banks of the Ping River. Along with the gentle nature of the north, Spa, Chiang Mai is also a special promise relaxation. Look at the Spa for more info.

Activities & places of interest that you can do in Chiang Mai as visiting Wat Doi Suthep Phratat frequented by thousands of tourists come to see the holy temple which was built in 1383. In the building called Chedi, saved the relics of the Buddha. If you are an elephant lover can see the attraction of working in the Mae Taeng elephant or Chiang Dao, or see the cute panda, Thewa & Thewi (meaning “gods and goddesses”), at the Chiang Mai Zoo. Also there Chiang Mai Night Safari. Wandering in Doi Ithanon National park, the highest mountain in Thailand with mountains and beautiful waterfalls. Looking directly Chiang Mai creative artists in San Kamphaeng, like making Thai silk, wood carvings, silverware, umbrellas and lacquer, or a walk in the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, saw art items are sold. Visit the unique shopping areas and attractions such as Chiang Mai Night Bazaar (open until midnight), or the Sunday Market every Sunday in the Old City Wall, the rest of the ancient citadel Lanna kingdom. Trekking with the mountain tribes, also available trekking safari with elephants, about 2 hours walking around in the forest. Enjoy the beauty of the country balloon ride north. Trying Bungee jumping by New Zealand standards, Mae Rim. Visiting Flora Centre at Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden. and see the vast botanical garden also has a very comprehensive collection of plants, both native Thai and foreign. Must-visit place for lovers of flora and agro business.

You can also follow the festival is often held in Chiang Mai like Bo Sang Umbrella Festival at Bo Sang Handicraft Centre (Held in January) which is the umbrella festival, especially paper products, there are also cultural events, pageants and parades original life. For you lovers of flowers, do not miss the Festival of Flowers (first Friday in February) which organized the Parade of flowers, floral ornament contest, beauty contest and music. Want to play water? Let’s come to the Songkran Festival (April). Thai New Year is celebrated with a feast of festive air. and do not forget to join the Loy Krathong Festival (late October-early November) in Chiang Mai which is a celebration of beautiful, melarung celebrated with candles and paper balloons fly into the sky, accompanied by the prayer of hope.

Chiang Rai

The province is located on the Thai border with Myanmar and Laos. The province is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the interesting blend demgam beautiful nature, but the cost is much more efficient than in a big city. Here, time seems to stop. There are some interesting activities and places to be missed when you visit Chiang Rai as visiting Doi Tung Palace which is the palace of beautiful Swiss style, we can trace the story of the struggle of a Queen Mother who tried to help farmers and mountain tribes earn better. You can also visit the former world trade center the Golden Triangle opium. At the meeting point of three countries, you can also sail and visit Laos and Myanmar in just over an hour and see the Hall of Opium: a very special multimedia museum, tracing the story of the history of the opium trade through the destruction of the Manchu Dynasty.

After following the history of opium, you may as well do the trip to Doi Mae Salong and Visiting Ban Santi Khiri village, there is a whole population of descendants of Kuomintang troops who immigrated when they lost the war of the Chinese Communist forces. They now live with Oolong tea garden (best in Thailand) and still retain the customs of China. Not far from there, there is a Cherry Blossom Avenue, the street that is lined with pink cherry trees are very beautiful, especially during the winter from December to February and the end of the world view of the Phu Chi Fa, the prettiest place to watch the sunset in Thailand

Still in Chiang Rai, you can visit the Mae Fa Luang Garden, garden flowers very calm heart. Suitable for a romantic pose as a couple hearts. Previously, this place is a garden and watch the lives of five opium mountain tribes: Akha tribe first dress adorned with silver, Lahu tribe, which berkuping Palong big big earrings, Lu Mien Yao of China, and the difference is a long-necked Karen tribe (dibelit metals). Find out why they put that collar. In addition, you can visit the mountain tribes through the river, past the Karen tribe, Yai and Muser, and thermal baths, Huai Mak Liam and ends at Ban Tha Thon.

If you already have a China visa, you can sail into Yunnan province in southern China, stop by the beautiful village of Dali. Before you go, do not forget to see some unique festival in Chiang Rai as Cherries flowers and Cicip Party Tea, in Doi Mae Salong is held every late January – early February, the Strawberry Festival in Mae Sai in early February, Lychee Festival held every the end of May, at the Sport Center province, and Sunflower Festival you can see Mae Fa Luang district in November. In addition, you can visit three northern provinces that are still close to Chiang Rai as Mae Hong Son, Lampang and Lamphun, which has the charm of scenic countryside with fertile agricultural locations.

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