The Charm Calming of Gili Trawangan

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Blue sky with white clouds into your background when collaborating with the use of a slick stretch of beach nan clear water in sight. the warmth was felt in the event the foot touches the white sand grains directly exposed out to the sun. this happens to be the good field that will be typically found in tv, as parts of decoration of films across the country.

Though, you are doing not have to be compelled to be upset as a result of our own country has gili trawangan is able out to attract domestic and foreign tourists. thus, don’t be surprised if at some point see a large amount of foreign tourists sunbathe under the coast.

Gili trawangan happens to be the largest island than gili meno and gili air. though co-located within the whole northwest of lombok, the 3 gili characterised every. trawangan happens to be the island tend that should be additional crowded as a result of typically organizes entertainment events during a period in the event the holiday season creating it good for travelers who definitely are young at heart.

Back then, we started the journey from mataram to be in port ward with long travel regarding 2 hours, aforesaid albertus who only over short vacation in lombok in february. the travel time isn’t for long will certainly be tiring regarding the reassuring field presented under the method.

On arrival at port ward, travelers using boat transport modes ( public boat ) with the use of a capability of 30 individuals to cross over out to gili trawangan with the use of a rate of $ 1,25 per person. you will certainly be by the road for half-hour whereas enjoying the wind and therefore the waves are calm.

Activities who might be typically a favorite when exploring trawangan is scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing. another choice is out to relax by the porch of one’s hotel, cafes, and restaurants are arranged uniquely. benefit from the charm of one’s beach from way away it might provide the sensation of serenity itself.

Treat the visual beauty is likewise supported from the air pollution-free as a result of there isn’t any passing vehicles. bicycles and horse-drawn carriage cidomo ( wagon type ) may be a mode of transportation that one could use to maneuver around corners gili trawangan.

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