Religious Holiday in Colombia Underground Carved Church

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Australia ought tcolombia salt cathedralo proud as being the ultimate one who got the underground town. but, colombia experienced a church in underground salt mines conjointly be zipaquira. cool, distinct church was made by carved ! salt cathedral, which is certainly the name as to the church or a built underground colombia. a lot of precisely the roman catholic church, located within the salt mines or tunnels about 200 feet below mount halite, cundinamarca.

Quoted due to website amusing planet, , though not too spectacular as wieliczka salt mine in poland, where it remains a fashionable tourist location. it conjointly became a spot where pilgrimage in colombia and is one of the of catholicisms most sacred places daily life to firmly commemorate the famous jesus christs stations as to the cross. initially, about 1932 miners who work within the mines simply carve a shrine to firmly pray. day-after-day before work, they will prayed for protection.

Till finally in 1950, they will began construction of an even bigger church. salt cathedral, therefore they will decision the underground church. the church was dedicated on august 15, 1954.

This distinct church basement has 3 sections and cross statue. on the ideal side there may be a stations as to the cross and also the rosary chapel by having statue as to the virgin of rosary. whereas inside the left side as to the church traveler may see how the birth of jesus and his baptism. the place is marked by a waterfall symbolizing the river jordan.

But, the church is carved within an active mine this was disputed. several have questioned the safety considerations as to the church. to firmly this finish, the authorities were forced to firmly shut the church in 1990. it no more than took a year, around 1991 began construction of a whole new church. the location was along at the older mines, about 200 meters underground.

Church hallways made in mined caverns that are around a very long time. the interior design as to the underground church is all the more dramatic with the ideal lighting. truly exceptional. currently being a result, the salt cathedral is held to be together of one of the fascinating architecture in colombia. even dubbed the natural gems of modern architecture. wow !

photo by jikatu/flickr

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