Recommended Culinary Tour in Stockholm

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KanelbulleAnother fun thing from Stockholm is not difficult to look for a cheap meal. Along the way there Drottninggatan traders who open a kiosk burger, kebab, or a hotdog. Price starts from 25SEK.

Want to taste the ice cream also lakrits or existing condition the seller. Very complete, do not be afraid of starvation due to a limited budget. The food stalls also made noticeably more dynamic aura Stockholm. Stockholm is antique, old, and also friendly. Stockholm street was not too crowded with old buildings, but also to be vibrant with food stalls.

For lunch, usually the tourists often come to a restaurant that was still in the area that specialized in selling kebabs Drottninggatan. His name is a restaurant, but the prices are quite friendly on the pocket. Only 30SEK for kebab size that can not afford to spend for asia tourists. A lot of meat, vegetables contents not stingy, and the bread is quite thick. Happily find cheap food, but filling in this expensive country. One serving kebabs plus cola just 49SEK.

Another advantage to eat in the restaurant as it is, but can eat at tables and benches have been provided, you can all come to the toilet. For the tourists who frequent your toilet and lazy to use a public toilet, it is a pleasant bonus. 7-Eleven or Pressbyran easily found in various places. The tourists used to buy bread for breakfast in two places. A bread without contents ranging from 10SEK, while muffin or croissant with prices ranging from 20SEK. If you want frozen food there is available a pizza or lasagna with 45SEK price. Choice but 7-Eleven and Pressbyran is ICA., But may be due to larger ICA and including a supermarket, the price of food will be cheaper.

For example, brownies, muffins, roissant, and chocolate balls sold between 10 to 12SEK, while the frozen food sold at prices 13 to 25SEK. The price difference is quite far. Therefore, the tourists love shopping at ICA during in Stockholm. ICA is a subscription tourists located at Station T-Centralen. In addition to its strategic place, still many scattered ICA supermarket in Stockholm.

Sweden knowned with various fish products. The food is typical Swedish, among others, the famous Stromming and Meatball. For snacks try kanelbulle bread with cinnamon aroma dominant or lakrits that is typical Swedish candy length. The first time saw lakrits, usually some tourist will be surprised because this candy length can be up to one meter. Swedish society is really like a snack that is not strange that they are strong eat candy until the meter. It’s also led to in every supermarket certainly available snacks, such as candy, chocolate, and nuts.

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