Outrage as Canterbury Cathedral Turns into Silent Disco Venue

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Canterbury Cathedral, a place where folks usually go to seek solace and reflect, has stirred up a bit of a fuss by throwing a disco bash. Yep, you read that right, a disco – but a quiet one.

Last weekend, about 750 folks swarmed Canterbury Cathedral for what they call a silent disco, grooving to ’90s tunes. Picture this: everyone wearing headphones, dancing to their own beat spun by a DJ, keeping things hush-hush.

But despite the library-level quiet, some British Christians weren’t too pleased about their sacred spot turning into a dance floor.

“We don’t fancy boozy bashes with Eminem blaring out in God’s pad,” griped Dr. Cajetan Skowronski, leading the charge against the event.

Skowronski reckoned no other religion would dream of using their holy digs for a disco. He thought it might even shake Christians’ faith.

“Parties are all well and good, but let’s keep them in the right place. Nightclubs are fine, but Canterbury Cathedral wasn’t built for this,” Skowronski shot back.

Folks had to fork out £31 each (around Rp 609,000) to join the shindig.

Skorownski’s planning to rally around 30 like-minded Christians for a peaceful protest, not too chuffed about the cathedral’s decision to turn the ancient place into a dance hall.

“If we don’t put up a fight, our old-school temple could turn into a full-blown nightclub. And that’d be a real bummer for the Christian faith in this country. We’ll keep this place as it was meant to be – a spot to worship God,” Skorownski vowed.

A poll found that 54 percent of locals were cool with the disco, but 46 percent weren’t feeling it at Canterbury Cathedral.

“The cathedral’s always been part of community life, more than just a place to say prayers. We’ve hosted dance-offs and other gigs here for centuries. The Bible even gives a shout-out to King David’s coronation. I’ll make sure this event stays classy and pays its respects to the cathedral,” said Dr. Monteith, the big cheese at Canterbury Cathedral.

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