One Day Free Travel Around Singapore

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Begin this tour at concerning 3 :30 – 4 pm therefore the sun isn’t too hot and by the tip of one’s tour you’ll be able to benefit from the attractions of one’s lightweight and water spectacular at marina bay sands. visit some popular places like fullerton hotel, merlion park, acm, raffles landing web site, esplanade, marina bay sands

The sights are free ( aka not would like a ticket ) and is utilizing a location that will be around marina bay. you’ll be able to begin from merlion park ( close to raffles place mrt ) and after that take a slight detour out to return out to each one of these attention-grabbing places. exit at raffles place mrt then take exit h ( battery road ) that reach the exit flip right and walk in the direction of direction of one’s singapore river. here you’ll be able to see the incredible views along side singapore river, a combine of skyscrapers, previous buildings along boat quay ( on your own own left ), kind of’>a style of design fullerton hotel appearance previous, antique however still provides the impression of luxury and magnificent.

Walk out to the fullerton hotel and take pictures whereas direction cross to acm ( asian civilisations museum ) through cavenagh bridge ( oldest bridge in singapore ). you’ll be able to go out to the acm out to inspect the history of singapore, there’s a free space out to up out to the 2nd floor. once you get out of every acm out to the left ( or right of approach cavenagh bridge ), there’s victoria concert hall and raffles statue ( the original one ) or if you wish out to stop by your raffles landing web site often is out to the left of one’s exit of one’s acm. it’s only behind the acm.

Once seeing raffles statue in front of victoria concert hall we can move out to the’>onto the merlion park. the location is concerning 5 minutes walk away. go here we are at the most road there from in which you came, there was a brief tunnel. walk towards it and therefore out take this detour out to the left, toward the massive white bridge and walk straight, upon arrival at the tip of one’s bridge there’s a little staircase you’ll be able to take a shortcut here in comparison to having out to cross major roads. see the map out to simplify your shadow. follow the red line ( the blue line happens to be the fastest path from raffles place mrt out to merlion park )

Once satisfied out to take pictures within the whole merlion, we can continue our tour these days out to the esplanade, you’ll be able to see the crowds that cross coming from the merlion out to esplanade via the bridge that will be on top of the park. during this you’ll be able to esplanade cooling-down initial by checking the toilet, order a drink or conjointly enjoy free music, free concerts are held with the esplanade outdoor theater in addition to on the within of one’s esplanade there’s an open stage, you’ll be able to leisurely benefit from the music whereas enjoying cool air.

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