Let’s Travel to the Philippines

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Beach_North_Mindoro_PhilippinesMost people are familiar with the Philippines through the natural beauty of the beach and ocean below. Though there are many other interesting side of this island country. Philippines has a lot of the old town site of nuanced Europe because Spanish Colonialism in the past. Vigan and Intramuros is the site of the old town which was inaugurated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. Three thousand years ago the ancestors of Filipinos have also built a very spectacular rice terraces in Benaue City, which is known as the Rice Terraces of Benaue. Now the Rice Terraces has been the pride of the Philippines is an icon of tourism has also been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. World War II also made the Philippines has a number of historic relics, the most famous one is Corregidor Island which has become a favorite tourist attraction for local and international tourists. As the global modernization, Manila as the capital has become a very busy metropolis.

Philippines is an archipelago, with 7100 islands divided into three groups, namely Luzon representing islands to the north, Visayas represents the central part, and represents the southern part of Mindanao. 3 regions in the Visayas, Luzon region consist 8, and 6 regions in Mindanao. Each region is divided into several provinces and each province is divided into some small town.

You will be down to various places on the island of Luzon, like Cordilerra, National Capital, Calabarzon, and Ilocos Region. From a trip down the area, you can enjoy several tourist attractions ranging from the old city, coastal tourism, mountain tourism, religious tourism, underwater tours, culinary tours, and tours of war history.
when compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Philippine tourism still lags, but the richness and diversity of attractions that are stored in the state deserves the title as a tourist destination for the backpacker and traveler from all over the world.

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