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mt_anak_krakatauOne of the beauties of the mountain is Mount Krakatau in Indonesia. The potential of the amazing natural beauty that lies not far from Jakarta can be reached easily use public transport through Carita beach in Banten and Lampung. Mount Krakatau is still included in the province of Lampung which is a province in southern Sumatra. In addition to the entrance to Sumatra from Java. Sunda Strait and scenic beauty of Mount Krakatau able to make their stunned that passes through this region. Travelers can visit Mount Krakatau to rent a boat from Sabesi Island in Lampung.

Mount Krakatau is able to bring Indonesia to the world stage in 1800. At that time, the mountain eviscerate the earth with incredible great to be the most powerful volcanic explosion on earth. As a result of this eruption, Krakatoa is the legend becomes history major natural brutality against this country. Krakatau eruption almighty not only destroy Lampung and surrounding areas, but also feels up to the rest of the other hemisphere, and even Australia to hear the sound of Krakatoa’s screams.

This current mountain are not actually Mount Krakatoa, but Mount of Anak Krakatau which is born from Mount Krakatoa eruption at that time. The mountain continued to grow 4 cm each year. Rakata Island, Sertung, and length of surrounding islands which is also a result of the eruption of Krakatoa in ancient times

Travelers can visit Mount Krakatau using a fishing boat or speedboat from two places, namely from Anyer in Banten Beach and Port Kalianda in South Lampung. Usually the tourists are opting Kalianda as transit heading towards the mountain because besides closer and also safer. Many available timber ship which you can rent at a low price and the waves are not too high often the reason why many tourists who choose to depart from Kalianda.

You can perform a variety of tourist activities on Mount Krakatoa. Trekking from the coast to the top of the mountain through the forest is often carried by travelers while enjoying the scenic beauty of the forest with a mountain backdrop. Travelers are often advised to carry sufficient trekking gear such as hats, canes and food because in this island you will not found a supermarket. Lizard population on the island is quite a lot so you need to be vigilant.

Hot and tiring journey to the summit of the mountain will be paid off when you’ve made it to the top. Outstanding scenic beauty combined with a complementary form of chunks of lava former adds a dramatic effect on the surrounding environment. Your curiosity will pay off when you got there.

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