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Oslo,_Museum_of_Decorative_Arts_and_DesignHere are a few museums that can be selected during a visit to Oslo. You probably will not have much expectations from this museum. the museum is simply a listing of names and portraits ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. However, you may be mistaken, this museum is quite interesting. To make the event Nobel Peace Center travel more interesting, every few months the manager deliberately pick a theme that relates to the business world peace. Through the theme, will be discussed in detail on the figures involved in the. That way, people will not be bored and tired if a visit to the Nobel Peace Center, because the figures discussed are always different. The price of admission to the Nobel Peace Center is at 80 NOK or free if you use the Oslo Pass.

When I visit the Nobel Peace Center in June, figures which made that month the spotlight is Fridtjof Nansen. Go round the figures that discussed Norway. Achievement from Nansen was quite a lot, as long as you are sure to meet in Oslo with the statue of Fridtjof Nansen in several different museums. It was enough to give the view that Nansen’s being an influential figure and a favorite for the people of Norway.

Fridtjof Nansen was a scientist, polar explorer, as well as diplomats. Nansen was awarded the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 through the Nansen Passport. In 1921, Nansen was given the task by the League of Nations to help the two also as Russian refugees displaced by the upheaval of the Russian Revolution.

Nansen find the fact that the majority of refugees do not have identity documents or nationality. Without a clear identity, refugees can not go anywhere else. To overcome this, Nansen design document known as the Nansen Passport. The document as a new form of identity to those who do not have citizenship and is recognized by more than 50 governments. So that the refugees can cross over the border legally, set up home and get a job.

Although actually only intended to help refugees Russia, use Passport starting Nansen expanded to include several other groups. Estimated to be around 500,000 Nansen Passport has been issued to help the refugees. The theme this time by the Nobel Peace Center is someone Transet. Said it reflects the condition of refugees that have moved from their country to a new place in order to avoid a war or conflict. 1st floor museum filled with a brief history and origin of Fridtjof Nansen Nansen Passport. Most make goosebumps are some photos that were displayed to show the condition of the refugees. How hungry refugees, do not have adequate housing, children with distended abdomen cries in a hospital ward, until the empty village for abandoned residents to evacuate. All illustrated through photo frames, very sad.

From there, you will learn about the meaning of peace. Many people who suffer just because they are busy warring countries. War they do not understand the purpose. They are generated from the victim called war. At the exit to the second floor there is a board where visitors write their hopes for peace. Hopefully from a small prayer written in nobel peace museum can provide awareness more people will be a sense of love and peace in life.

Go to the 2nd floor of the museum, the atmosphere more cheerful. Many caricatures and stories with pictures Nansen as the main character. There are also games that are still attractive and themes related to the Nansen Transit. Before admission to the museum, visitors equipped Nansen Passport and I to be able to follow all the games available. The most preferred is a photo with an image that is stored in the Nansen Nansen Passport and I are. At the end of the visit, and I Nansen Passport must be collected after the visitors entering an email address. Photos of you with Nansen made like an old newspaper picture will be directly sent to email. After passing the story Nansen, a major exhibition at the museum only a panel with a few character names winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. A visit to the Nobel Peace Center is quite enjoyable and memorable.

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