Lauterbrunnen, the Picturesque Swiss Village, to Start Charging Tourists

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Pretty European places are obviously getting overly tired of pretty tourists. Case in point, a stunning village in Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen, floats the idea of charging guests an entrance tax.

The beautiful Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen is preparing to start charging tourists an entry fee as the number of visitors swamps the picturesque community. The number of tourists is just ravaging the village.

Thus, Lauterbrunnen is a small town in the Bernese Oberland that has also experienced a tourist boom, but it is noticed that most people come only for the day. This created a traffic jam, and the 2,400 villagers reported having witnessed a portion of the visitors acting indecently.

The aspect of an entrance fee follows a disposition entered by Venice recently introducing a tourist tax that has lasted only the last month, which has stricken criticism and support.

The site will also consider charging tourists coming by car between five and ten Swiss francs as an entrance fee. People who stay overnight will be exempted.

Exception to this rule is for visitors who have made bookings for their accommodation, either hotels or tours, or those who arrive by public transport.

It is said that in Lauterbrunnen there are 72 waterfalls, mountain meadows, and mountain railways. Some of the principal waterfalls are Staubbach Falls, Trummelbach Falls, and Murre.

The tourist tax, however, is still under discussion, and fees are not compulsory for travellers planning to go to this enchanting village just yet.

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