Sneak Peek into Labuan Bajo’s Awesome Five-Star Resorts

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Guess what? AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach, chilling out in Labuan Bajo on Flores Island, just snagged the title of Most Popular Hotel Overseas. Yep, that’s right! They nabbed this sweet award at the 2023 Travel + Leisure China Travel Awards. And you know what this means? It shows they’re dead serious about giving travelers the time of their lives, no matter where they’re from.

The Travel+Leisure China Travel Awards 2023 is all about giving props to the best in the travel and hospitality game worldwide. And at this China edition, big-name brands in travel scored big.

So, what’s so cool about this place? Well, let’s take a peek!

Checking Out Padar Island’s Beauty

This resort totally gets the vibe of Flores’ culture and natural wonders. Picture this: rooms designed with nature vibes, blending right into those epic views of the Flores Sea. And get this, they’re all about saving the planet too, doing their bit for marine conservation and rocking eco-friendly practices.

The Big Boss at AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach was over the moon about this award, seeing it as proof that they’re totally committed to giving every tourist out there a trip they won’t forget.

We’re stoked to get this shoutout and can’t wait to keep blowing the minds of every guest who walks through our doors!

Now, where exactly is this paradise? It’s chillin’ up on the north side of Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. And guess what? This five-star gem is the perfect launchpad for exploring the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trust us; it’s gonna blow your mind.

And here’s the fun part: exploring the Komodo National Park with their traditional pinisi boat, the AYANA Lako Di-a, which is a whopping 54 meters long. But if you’re more into checking out the local wildlife, hop on board other vessels like the AYANA Lako Sae for epic sunset cruises, or the AYANA Lako Cama for day trips. There’s something for everyone!

At the resort, you’ll find 205 rooms and suites facing the sea and seven mouthwatering dining spots. But it’s not just about the eats; there’s loads of stuff to do too, like helping out with marine conservation, having cozy dinners on private decks, or chilling out with a yoga sesh by the water. And don’t forget those spa treatments inspired by the local scene and guided hikes to spot Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. It’s all here, folks!

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