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Photo by Komatta
Photo by Komatta

Hello again! are you ready for our trip to Korea today? Prepare your luggage and let us go to the Gwanghwamun area. In this area we have to do things is to enjoy the beauty of the kingdom in this area, Feel delicacy in Korean cuisine cafes Sam Cheong Dong, a tour of Buchon Korea and feel the atmosphere of the past, Crafts Shopping in Insa-dong, Enjoying exotic old buildings nuanced western architecture in Jeong Dong and spend twilight in Gwanghwamun Square.

Let’s begin our journey by enjoying the history of korean kingdom at Gyeongbokgung Palace. Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbok palace located in North Seoul city. Built in 1394 during the reign of King Taejo of the Joseon Dynasty. This palace is the loveliest and grandest of the big five palaces in there.We can enjoy the beauty of this kingdom since the palace is surrounded by a solid fence where there are two statues Haetae which is a fanged creature that myth as a palace guard. In every corner of the palace, you can find high value artifacts and historic spots such spot Gyotaejeon Hall which is the resting place of the queen and Hyangweonjeong Gyeongbokgung Pavilion is located in the middle of the pond Hyangwonji.

Gyeongbok Palace is at the moment a tourist place for the tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the people work and in this area there is also a museum which also showcased remnants during the reign of Joseon. The Museums complex is include National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum.

Korea National Palace Museum is a museum located in beside of Gyeongbok Palace which was established in this 1992.This Artifacts Museum collected more than 40,000 of them in painting and music tools relics from Joseon Dynasty. Inside the museum there is also a cafe and a gift shop that you can enjoy and take a rest.

National Folk Museum is a museum that is devoted to studying the culture and way of life of ancient Korean society until now. And on the museum you can see collection of artifacts which is reached 2,240 relics.

Furthermore about Changdeok Palace.

Changdeok palace built in 1405 during the reign of King Taejo. Structures typical of traditional Korean architecture that blends with nature and Huwon (rear garden) making it the most beautiful palaces in Korea. Main part of this palace is the king’s throne room, Injeongjeon. In the southern corner of the palace complex there is a group of small buildings, Nakseonjae or residence of the king’s concubine concubine. Huwon which is the most beautiful part of the palace on the back of the palace where the park with views of the hillsides, streams, flowers and large trees, is intended only for the royal family.

Jongmyo royal Shrine is a holy building and tablet store – memorial tablet 19 kings and 30 queens Korea. The building is included in the list of world cultural heritage objects by UNESCO. For you who want to visit this Tampe would be better to visit during the first week in May as the day of the ritual will be held for Daeje Jongmyo royal procession consisting of (Kingdom Festival of Deoksugung Palace towards Jongmyo Jaegung Palace) as well as large-scale music performances and traditional Korean dance.

In addition to the above the name of the place is no longer obligatory tourist places you visit are still in the Gwanghwamun area and this time we popped into Changgyeonggung

Changgyeonggung is a palace built in 1483 that was originally intended as residence of the king’s abdication, but made for animal gardens and botanical gardens, in the japanese colonial period this palace restored in 1983, and eliminated the zoo. This is the main part of the palace throne room can be used to visit the Jongmyo Shrine via the connecting bridge.

How about us to this day, get here first. well, we will still continue our journey and of course still in the Gwanghwamun area of course. How did the take walking us today? Interesting to see the kingdom – the kingdom of Korea and exhibitions on the history of Korea. See you in korea on the next tour, Because in this area there are many places that we have’nt visited. greetings and enjoy korea!

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