Enjoying Templestay Holidays In Jagwangsa Temple

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Photo by Timber Tank
Photo by Timber Tank

Some temples in South Korea has a templestay program for a few days at the temple and interact with the monks. In Jagwangsa, Daejeon templestay program this would be a must superior religious tourism package widely which is followed by the visitors.

The Participants are free to follow the program of templestay anytime. This activities include meditation, chanting Buddhist ceremonial service, tea ceremony, meditation and much more. In addition to serving foreign visitors, Jagwangsa also conducts training programs elementary students, middle school students and above as well as special programs winter holidays. The purpose of these programs include not only education but also to train Buddhist sensibilities. Therefore, the program was attended by various participants and nuns from various countries.

In Jagwangsa we can plan the itinerary for 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights. Is Jagwangsa has prepared various programs and events for each of the templestay package. We just choose which package will be followed by various activities with visitors and monks and nuns.

Well, Jagwangsa itself was founded in July 1969 by Tanheo as a means of spreading the teachings of Buddhism and Buddhists coaching. This temple until now managed by the Buddhist Cultural Foundation which was established in 1984. Jagwangsa also an international meditation center that opened in the spring of 2004. During the program templestay this, while you can also enjoy the beauty of the temple architecture which consists of 3 floors with a beautiful environment. No wonder, if the temple is very suitable for meditation centers.

If you are interested in visiting templestay in Jagwangsa, you just need to take the bus number 704 from Yuseong Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Hakha-dong or Hakha Elementray School. Arriving there, you have to walk as far as 200-500 meters to the temple. For those who do not follow templestay, this temple can be visited from 5 am to 6 pm. You will not be charged an entrance fee or free. The Jagwangsa residents are used to receiving foreign tourists so no need to worry difficult to communicate. They will use English to facilitate conversation with you.

Besides Jagwangsa temple, in Daejeon are still some other tourist destinations such as the Yuseong Hot Springs, Expo Park and Daecheon beach. During a vacation in Daejeon, you can stay at Spa Hotel Goodstay Kyungha, Samhoja Kaekwan Hotel and Daelim Tourist Hotel. Happy traveling in Daejeon!

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