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Stockholm_ExpositionOne deal with all the expensiveness in Stockholm is to use the Stockholm Card. This card can be used for admission to 80 museums and attractions are scattered in Stockholm, including the use of all city transportation for free. Stockholm Card is a card daily and we can choose 1 Day Card with 425SEK price, 2 Day Card for 550SEK, 3 Days Card by 650SEK, or 5 Days Card by 895SEK. Cards will be active and the start time is calculated as backwards since the first time we are using.

For example, I use 1 Day Stockholm Card on Monday at 12.00 then I can use this card until Tuesday at 12.00. considering the price is not cheap, it would be better if all the tourist attractions in Stockholm who wanted to visit had been planned in advance. As such, we are not a lot of wasted time and can visit more tourist attractions possible.

I personally choose not to use the Stockholm Card. As I mentioned earlier, highlights Stockholm there are actually out there. Beautiful city views, friendly locals, and a local culture that is rarely recognized in my home country, all available for free. Besides, I do not want to rush while enjoying the sights. Not fun visit the many tourist attractions in one day so as not to lose already buy the Stockholm Card which is expensive. I still visit some of the museums in Stockholm, but it’s only a museum that highlights the city.

Want to wear Stockholm Card or not, depending on each individual. Stockholm has city views can be enjoyed free, but Stockholm also has 80 museums and tourist attractions are not to be missed. If you want to visit a number of museums and tourist attractions, the choice of using the Stockholm Card can take. make itinerary for a tourist who wants to visit the place and time allocation will exhausted in every tourist spot is as good as possible. Thus using the Stockholm Card can be maximized.

Recommended Itinerary in Stockholm

To obtain an effective and efficient itinerary visiting some places, I split the group with nearest place tour. In Stockholm , itinerary can be taken as follows.

Normal Walking Distance Stockholm Itinerary

Kungstradgarden – Skeppsbron – Marten Trotzigs Grand – Vasterlanggatan – Nobel Museet – Stortorget – Storkyrkan – Royal Palace – Gamla Stan – Riddarholm Kyrka – Stockholm City Hall – Huset-Drottninggatan Riksdag – Oscarsteatern.

All the places that are still in the normal range walkng distance. No need to spend money on transportation costs, simply relying on foot power. If the schedule for the day was too dense, this route can be explored within two days or more rejuvenating to just remove a few places that do not want to be approached from the list.

SL Travel Card / Stockholm Card Itinerary

Strandvagen – Vasa Museet – Nordiska Museet – Skansen – Grona Lund – Djurgarden – Drottningholm.

These suggested to use SL Stockholm Card Travel Card or because the location of the tourist attractions away from downtown Stockholm.

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