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Bergen-EnkheimBergen has a Bergen Card that allows visitors entry to museums and use all public transport for free. Bergen Card is available in a selection of 24-Hour and 48-Hour Card Card, you need to pay 200 NOK to get the Bergen Card. Bergen has several interesting museums to visit, but the experience of walking in the city center of Bergen, enjoying the scenery and landscape of the city, playing in the home monopolies, or climb to the top of the mountains it is much more interesting than the museum entrance and exit.

Bergen was given a very beautiful natural scenery and it’s all available out there for free. Many new experiences offered to visitors Bergen, breathe the sea air while mingle with visitors at the fish market pier. Free caviar tasting given by the kiosk, shop at a store that is a medieval port town, or just relax in one of the cafes while enjoying the view and drank a cup of coffee.

By Visit Bergen, you will get a package Bergen Card that can be worn for a full day, if you want to use this card to the maximum. Time your visit for in Bergen should be enough. Within a day your curiosity will not be satisfied enough to explore every inch of Bergen City, enjoying the enchanting old city tour, which is dominated by wooden buildings and cobbled streets of medieval specialties. Of course you need to be careful in choosing between enjoying tours of the city or in and out of the museum. You need to go to the museum in order to know some history of this city and throughout the afternoon when most museums are closed, you can spend time walking around downtown of Bergen.

Want to use the Bergen Card or not is the travelers choice, but do not use the Bergen Card is also not too lose. Better funding for Bergen Card allocated to Norway in a Nutshell tour is a major tourism attraction Norway, very passable to increase the budget cost of the tour is not cheap.

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