Cheap Accommodation for Backpacker in Bergen

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Mons,_straatzichtBergen is a dream tourist destination city, Bergen is a small town so the choice of hostels and budget accommodation is very limited, especially in the holiday season like this, we can be sure all hostels in Bergen filled up one week to the next. Bergen and Oslo has a lodging house run by a family. The house was usually called by the name pensjonat. Pensjonat similar to the guest house, with a strong family atmosphere.

Pensjonat main advantages is its strategic location and offers a place to stay pretty and comfortable to be occupied. No wonder guests usually stay at pensjonat for quite a long time. However, guests are only staying for one night or a few days will teteap accepted. Pensjonat rental price is slightly more expensive than hostels, but can be used as a second choice if all the hostels have been fully booked.

In addition to hostels and pensjonat, there is a place for rent alternative accommodation if the apartment is fully booked. Daily apartment rents are more expensive than hostels or pensjonat, but still cheaper than staying in hotels. Here are several accommodation options when you travel in Bergen.

– Intermission Hostel, Kalfarveien 6
– Montana Youth and Family Hostel, Johan Blyttsvei 30
– Strand Hotel, Kong Oscarsgt 45
– Jacobs Apartments AS, Kong Oscarsgt 44
– Bergen YMCA Hostel, Nedre Korskirkeallmenning 4
– YMCA Hostel, Vetrlidsallmenningen 29

Tourists can stay in the Apartements Jacobs AS, one of the apartments at the rate is not too expensive when compared to hotels. U.S. Jacob Apartments building located just above Jacobs Bar, so before entering the room of the apartment, you have to pass the bar. Bar at the bottom of the situation if the late night will be full of visitors who drink beer and party.

Rented room located on the 2nd floor and overlooking the central courtyard members Jacobs Apartments AS, there are long tables with chairs lined that some covered the table. When evening came, the park was filled with visitors who began drinking colored drinks and chatting.

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