Free Bike Tour for Travel Around Bangkok

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cycling around bangkok ? it sounds slightly strange. are there places for cyclists within the whole middle of bangkok traffic serious and dense fumes ? though, bangkok possesses a little street known as soi, or if in jakarta known as rat lines. inside the streets in this little bike tour often is comfortably done. several liked the tour inclusive of enjoying a characteristic expertise clearly as the town with bike.

there will be many travel agencies in bangkok that offers a cycling tour package. they will arrange a gaggle tour, complete with the use of a guide. other then, alamak, cost a fortune. may 1000 baht a lot of ( regarding three hundredunited nations monitors. the unarme thousand greenbacks ) only to produce a half day tour. i extremely just like the bike, other then if i really need to pay that a lot of, baseball extremely !

whereas doing a bike tour in ayutthaya, a small village in north thailand, i had talked to some filipina backpacker regarding expensive bike tour in bangkok. he immediately interjected, there will be free anyway, he aforesaid. in bangkok there will be free ?, i replied in disbelief.

once returning to bangkok, i went straight in the base of my colleagues described the bike earlier. apparently, this can be a brand new project coming from the bangkok metropolitan administration ( bma ) to promote the use of bicycles. this project provides three hundredunited nations monitors. the unarme bicycles will be’>which might be used for free by tourists and locals. the program, titled inexperienced bangkok bike isn’t listed within the whole travel guide books having only launched in late august 2010.

regarding the initial stage, the bma building 8 bike rental stations within the whole rattanakosin, bangkoks historic space became the location of necessary tourist objects. eight stations were located within the whole lan khon muang ( front of town hall ), the grand palace, national museum, bmas tourism division ( front phra pinklao bridge ), suan saranrom public park, sib sam hang road ( close to khaosan road ) and suan santi chai prakarn public park ( close to phra sumen fort ). following stage, they will can build a lot of bases to 100 bikes in different areas around bangkok.

bma won’t supply a guide. instead, they will handed out free cycling route maps will be’>which might be used currently being a reference for tourists. not just that, the bma even offer free insurance for tour participants. before beginning the tour, we are asked to fill out a claim type for insurance purposes. thus, if we’ve an accident whereas cycling, the insurance can pay. all bikes are equipped lock, bell and gps. if it got stolen bike, bma will simply track its location.

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