Find Me Holiday to Performing Water Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas

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Many years ago, 2 scientists are usually observed as eepy bird became an internet sensation with a little over 500 dropping mentos candies into 200 liters of diet coke that turn out explosions that burst within the air as a geyser dancing resembles the famous fountain at bellagio.

Every show features interpretations of water every with totally different coreography well. a collection of songs direct from show the water is up out to 32 tracks of luciano pavarotti, andrea bocelli, elton john, and religion hill. visitors will enjoy 3 new performances, together with michael jacksons billie jean, the beatles lucy within the sky with diamonds and hit big band, glenn millers within the mood. from a few on your performances of water within the world, we often is certain this show is merely in las vegas !

Bellagio conjointly offers weeding package for the terrace of dreams, a balcony overlooking the fountain italy. bride will conjointly see the show looming water straight into the sky for the time of the first kiss.

You’ll relish the show at that hour :

For the time : monday out to friday
3 pm – 7p. m ( performances held half per hour once )
7p. m – midnight ( performances are held every fifteen minutes )

You are doing not have to repay fees and produce reservations out to attend the show this incredible water, enough out to return alone throughout the hours on your show !

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