Features of Britax Travel System

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Photo by Unikruemel
Photo by Unikruemel

Britax travel system is quite popular because it is most compatible travel system to carry your baby. Travel system supplied with high safety standard tempts everyone to purchase it. Stunning travel system including baby car seat and strollers ease you to take your child go anywhere safely. As smart customers, you have to check out its features before you purchase. Price and great features should be balanced so you will be satisfied purchasing amazing Britax travel system red for your lovely child.

Britax travel system which is known for its amazing safety system includes base baby car seat, strollers. Base baby seat is easy to be fitted on car seat. However, people prefer britax stroller to base baby seat. Britax stroller is easy to fold. Its compact shape enables you to store in limited space. Britax stroller is designed with length in 25 inches, width in 20 inches, and height in 32 inches. Its weight is only 32.5 pounds. It is very lightweight due to aluminum frame composing cool baby travel system.

Reversible wheels and steering ease you to control Britax strollers. Maximum protection offered by Britax travel system is effective to prevent rear, front and side impact. Depth of area seat is 13 inches. Width of shoulder seat is around 10 inches. Depth of buckle protecting your baby is 3.5 inches. All dimensions are equivalent so you will carry your baby freely. Height of eat compartment in 20 inches makes your baby sits on it easily.

Adjustable base car seat enables you to install this base on car seat from various position or angles. Large canopy can be set in multiple positions to protect your baby from rain, wind or UV rays. It proves that Britax travel system prioritizes baby’s safety. Ergonomic handle allows you to carry your baby easily because the handle is created with flexible contour and shape. Shoulder belt and snug lap enhances comfort feeling for your baby.

Britax travel system provides level indicators to guide you determine great angle for recline. Locked position on car seat is easy to install. LATCH connector storage is available on base car seat. There is push button on Britax stroller travel system that eases you to apply and install it. Indicator of side protection is included so you will see how this travel system works properly. Maximum height for child who sits on car seats is 32 inches. High technical features will make your baby comfort staying here.

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