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The very 1st few day within the whole month of march has begun. have you set up your holiday schedule involving this month ? don’t be confused, there will be four exciting destinations in indonesia for traveling during this month.

Varied festival able to enliven tourism indonesia in march. not a vacation, traveler will certainly be presented utilizing a kind of excitement. compiled asiafreetravel, friday, allow me to share four destinations in indonesia are fit for traveling within the whole month of march :


Theres continually a reason to actually head to bali traveler. right on tuesday, march 12, 2013 could be a national holiday commemorating nyepi saka new year 1935. travelers will apply for leave on monday if you wish to actually vacation. this means you will go from friday ( 8/3 ) night and started the holiday on saturday ( 9/3 ).

That manner, you’ll be able to benefit from the atmosphere of nyepi in bali. before nyepi, you’ll be able to see varied rituals, like the melasti in kuta, seminyak, nusa dua, sanur and different fashionable beaches. he cried once more, every village can build the ogoh-ogoh. in a few cities, like sanur, kuta, denpasar, ubud, and the like, sometimes held the procession ogoh-ogoh.

Subsequently, on march 20 to actually 24, 2013, bali spirit festival once more gather yoga enthusiasts, dance, music and meditation in purnati center in batuan, ubud, bali. this event became a regular festival for yoga and meditation actors, dancers and musicians from completely different countries.

Not finished, at the top as to the month, precisely on 27 march to six april 2013, the full space of  the island can celebrate galungan and kuningan. throughout the festival, all areas as to the island will certainly be decorated bamboo poles penjor decorated with fruits, coconut leaves, and flowers.

Throughout galungan, ngelawang ceremony will certainly be held in every village. this ritual to actually expel evil spirits by barong dance. then, the peak as to the event was closed with brass. exciting !

Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara

In march, you foam vacation to actually sumba in ntt. treveler and adventurous, will feel the thrill of adrenaline in pasola festival. judging direct from official website of tourism of indonesia, this years festival pasola held on 5-8 february 2012 and march 7, 2013.

During this festival, a traveler will take a look at its mettle in war horse with indigenous individuals of sumba. if you’ve got a lot of guts, you’ll be able to feel how stout horse sandelwood. not riding, participants will additionally be equipped utilizing a spear gun made of wood diameter 1. 5 cm utilizing a blunt edge.

In spite of this, if you really aren’t too brave horse, therefore the audience barely and even never mind. the festival will certainly be a fun and memorable expertise whereas on vacation in sumba.

Not solely feel stout horse in the center as to the savanna sandelwood, traveler will additionally enjoy dozens of beautiful beach location. yes, sand beaches white sumba. travelers will see under the western and eastern sides as to the island. don’t forget, anad additionally got to discover the village and sumba typical traditional house that remained standing in the center of city waikabubak, west sumba.

Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

Not satisfied streets of east nusa tenggara ? well, at the top as to the month, specifically 27 to actually 31 march 2013 happens to be the good opportunity to come back in the ntt. now, the traveler will opt for the destination now was flores.

Why ? regarding that date, the flores can celebrate semana santa. semana santa happens to be the celebration of easter is in larantuka, flores. this tradition was handed down from the portuguese when invaded mainland flores.

Seeing the easter calendar 2013 by the web site of easter, this year easter jatu on march 31, 2013. at this celebration, will certainly be displayed statue of jesus ( mr. ma ) but a statue of mary ( tuan ana ). the statues are solely shown on easter.

The celebration begins along with the lighting of candles but a pilgrimage in the church. morning until that event, a ceremony was held ocean, the processional statues mr ma and mr ana at ocean. later within the whole afternoon followed by a procession of mr. ma and mr. ana in the direction of the cathedral.

After the procession, the highlight as to the event was continued till the evening. for the peak, many candles mounted by the left and therefore the right of manner under the seven kilometer. wow !

Thanks to the still early days, you’ll be able to freely set the holiday schedule. lets decide, that one to actually traveler destinations go ?

Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Island of lombok in west nusa tenggara can also have exciting events within the whole month of march. sometimes, starting of the grass roots of march to actually be a time for celebration tradition nyale bau. nyale smell is festive ceremony during which the sasak tribe rollicking ocean worms similar nyale catch under the coast of lombok.

Throughout the ceremony nyale smell, a traveler can see the villagers, native government, and even as different tourists flock in the beach. these can soften and luxuriate in the excitement in this ancient tradition.

Additionally, the festival will additionally be held odor nyale varied art performances. shows were like, colossal drama as to the legend of princess mandalika, shadow puppets, hoster torn, and theater legend nyale daughter.

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