Exotic Island and White Sands of Saronde

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Souvenir_market_Liang_Beach_BunakenSaronde island could be a small island measuring merely about 2 acres, however has benefits with white sand. saronde island within the territory of district administration kwandang, north gorontalo regency. to actually be located within the celebes ocean, that often is reached by boat katinting for half-hour direct from port kwandang. if from gorontalo town, port kwandang accessible by driving about 2 hours to actually the east.

Port kwandang towards saronde, we will surely be presented utilizing a beautiful read additionally. the boat can pass through a few chart or a parked within the cluster ponelo island and surrounding areas. saronde island has got the advantage of white sand beaches but soft. several visitors see fit to sleep barefoot within the sand, aforesaid guard saronde island, yamin told, last week.

the specialty of one’s soft white sand contours embellished with charming islands. at one finish of one’s island there will be pine timber which are able to give shade for visitors in case the sun is shining. not just pine, saronde island still possesses a forest space with various kinds of timber are fun for adventure activities. in different components of the exotic island rocks are quite massive.

Sign in to actually saronde island, visitors won’t charge something. if you wish to actually keep will rent cottages here, the tariff is rp 150, 000 per day, aforesaid yamin. there will be 2 cottages that shaped house on stilts utilizing a decent facilities, as well as the bathroom within. however if you only need to actually build a tent upon the beach and the forest, visitors aren’t being charged rent.

About eating, visitors will bring their unique direct from port kwandang. we are additionally here to actually give food to actually the menu an example would be rice and grilled fish and sambal typical gorontalo, aforesaid yamin.

To actually pass the time throughout saronde island, yamin additionally give boats that may be rented and used fishing close to the island saronde. during this dazzling waters, there will be a number of fish. guaranteed visitors simply get their catch.

If you are doing not need keep in to remain in saronde, it’s advisable to actually come back early within the morning throughout the bright day. blue sky to actually be met with green shades saronde island waters combined with the colour of white sand, green timber and can make us lulled.

Wait till the sun goes down, anticipating the magic color of sunset upon the island of saronde certainly to not be bypassed via the lovers of photography. color reddish tinge sunset reflection upon the ocean surface to actually the foreground in front of island stone can take that moment never forgotten.

Saronde island crowded visitors throughout the weekend or national holiday. at such times katinting boat fare to actually saronde merely rp 20, 000 per person. additionally to actually weekends and holidays, visitors should rent a ship katinting that may fit 10 individuals with a rental rate of rp 250, 000. gorontalo is storing a myriad of marine tourism destination that’s not less beautiful with different regions in indonesia. saronde island, simply perhaps one of the best destinations.

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