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For the lovers of flora and fauna, Thailand is one of the best places to enjoy, learn and benefit from the wealth of tropical agriculture. Some of the activities carried out as much as you like Enjoy eating fruit, it can be done in Supattra Land, Rayong province, Learning crops such as orchids, Aglonema, roses, to manufacture silk, Learning manufacture of artificial flowers and flower arranging, processing of agricultural science and production plantations like candy fruit, durian chips, sweets and drinks. Visit the Royal Project, Chiang Mai: Understanding how farmers in the north who are willing to exchange opium farming with coffee, cut flowers, pear, peach and macadamia. Driving around Doi Pha Mon, Chiang Rai to see the variety of flower garden tulips, lilies, gladioli, roses and other flowers as well as seeing Ranches Alpine pearl, oyster and abalone in Phuket.

Processing Wine Tourism in Thailand
One of the best wineries are in the area around Khao Yai National Park, the PB Valley Khao Yai Winery Resort and you can drive around the wineries to get a description of the types of grapes for wine, wine-making explanations, demonstrations, harvest, wine barrel tasting, and lunch and dinner with a menu of Thai or Western specialties while enjoying delicious wine.  Khao Yai National Park itself is the best and oldest nature reserves in Thailand, and is listed by UNESCO as a world historical site. This place is very cool and hilly making it ideal for cycling. Bangkok Bike Rides is an event that combines cycling and wine tasting. In addition to these areas, you may Winery others: Chateau de Loei, Loei province.

Travel Period Dinosaurs Past
You can see dinosaur bones in the Phu Wiang National Park, Khon Kaen province, including the type of dinosaur Siamotyrannus Isanensis, which is the oldest fossils of the Tyrannosaurus family. In addition, you and your family can also visit the Dinosaur Museum, Kalasin, which is a replica of the “Jurassic Park” area of ​​32 acres in the mountains. Some dinosaurs were here among other plant-eating sauropods and the carnivorous Cornosaur.

In addition to several tourist spots above, you can also see how the elephants work for a living! Drawing, painting, and making the concert (available on CD) in the province of Chiang Mai. around cattle ranch in Chok Chai Farm, complete with unique accommodations like in ‘field hunting’ cowboy country. BBQ there a lot of people say as the best in Thailand. Not far from Bangkok and Khao Yai area wineries. Seeing Ostrich Farm: Insii Thai House Chiang Rai Maechan and coconut plantations were ‘handled’ the monkeys Ko Samui. You also can follow the line of sunflower in Lop Buri province and follows the path of cross country Trekking in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai to the mountain tribes while Enjoying the nature reserve island of Ko Chang and perform around the woods with a 4WD Safari in Chiang Mai, or try various natural attractions Chiang Rai province.

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