Different Kuta Best Destinations in Lombok

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You need out to benefit from the beautiful beach of kuta but additionally don’t wish out to miss another tourist destination ? straightforward, stacking set up your trip out to lombok kuta beach combination with alternative destinations. the weekend is guaranteed a lot of exciting than usual.

The very first day set foot in lombok international airport, we can go directly in the beautiful kuta beach. kuta beach is possibly the most famous tourist destinations within the region of central lombok. located at 56 km direct from town of mataram, precisely within the village of kuta. kuta beach was awarded a near-perfect beauty. the sand is pure white with blue beaches, the space is surrounded by hills. from afar, it’s much like the inexperienced hills surrounding a few corner as to the beach. the space is doubtless out to still quiet could be a plus beach isn’t as giant an space of kuta beach in bali. the beauty of kuta beach within the morning is quite soothing in the soul of tourists visiting. by international tourists, an abundance of warm sunlight is made for sunbathing.

Not off from kuta beach there aan cape coast. interestingly, the sand beach of tanjung aan like buliran pepper. the beach, you can still feel the texture of your new toy. but, within the hills close to the beach visitors will ride you now not feel the sand pepper however terribly fine white sand. sand pepper this is often supposedly a derivative of coral fossils. strive stepping barefoot, then we can feel our feet massaged via the sand on it touches each nerve.

Satisfied visiting kuta and tanjung beaches indahanya aan currently time out to satisfy the desire that is that the looking center business sukarara songket while a shut look along at the lives as to the tribal individuals sasak village sade rembitan. once that, to looking. this point we would be the industrial centers of pottery in banyumulek.

Shut the very first day in this holiday by staying in hotels located within the space of the novotel lombok hotel kuta, kuta indah hotel and flora beach resort.

Consecutive day, the very first tourist destinations we visited was lingsar and continued along with the narmada park. lingsar lingsar within the village, west lombok district narmada. this temple is that the largest temple in lombok. built since 1741 by raja anak agung ketut karangasem and is held to be possibly the most sacred temple in lombok. interestingly, this temple niali-value combination of hinduism and islam telu wetu.

Whereas the narmada park could be a park or a built in 1805 by king mataram lombok anak agung ngurah karangasem. initially, narmada park was built obtain a celebration ceremony held each full moon pakelem fifth year caka. besides narmada park can be the resting place as to the king and families throughout the dry season. a few claim that the planning was created out to imitate the narmada park within the atmosphere along at the summit of mount rinjani. don’t forget to take themselves bathing utilizing a pool of narmada is aforementioned out to have efficacy ageless.

Narmada park is the tip our tour over in 2 days 1 night in lombok. furthermore, you might want to visit the town and continue their activity once more through lombok international airport.

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