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Kabigan,_Waterfalls,_Pagudpud,_Ilocos_NorteThe situation of the journey towards Pagupud and Loang usually smooth without a hitch due to the relatively good condition of the road, flat, and crowded. It took two hours to get to Pagudpud from Loang. The bus will stop in front of Village Hall of Pagudpud. Pagudpud is not a bustling city, but only a small village that virtually no centers. From the bus stop, you can take a tricycle to get to the beach. According to the official website of Tourism Department of Philippines, Pagudpud Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. Pagudpud Beach is located at the northern tip of Luzon Island, coastline facing west, so it is perfect for enjoying the sunset. Many tourists to the Philippines to visit the most famous Boracay beach or famous beach in Palawan, where both the beach is quite crowded with visitors around the coast of the glamorous life.

It was different with Pagudpud Beach travelers are not widely known. Pagudpud beach could be a hidden paradise in the north end of Ilocos Norte. Pagudpud beach has white sand beaches that have the longest line in the Philippines. overlooking the vast ocean with waves big enough and strong enough wind, making it resemble a Hawaiian beach, perfect for surfing. Many beachgoers who do not know where this beach because of the remote location at the northern end of the Philippines. when in fact the way to this place is pretty easy. You can get on a plane to Loang, then boarded the bus for two hours to Pagudpud.

Another popular attraction in Pagupud are Blue Lagoon, Kaibigan Waterfall, Bantay Abot Chili, and Saud Beach. Favorite Resort in Pagudpud is Saud Beach Resort and Jun & Coral Resort. You can stay or just dine on the waterfront. Popular dishes at this resort are special grilled fish and coconut juice, you only need to pay 260 pesos to be able to order these two dishes.

Finished eating, it never hurts to relax for a moment in the seaside shack coral beach while enjoying the cool breeze. The beach is very wide and beautiful, much like leaning on the palm tree. If you hate crowds and love the tranquility, the beach is very suitable as a vacation spot apart in April to June. Because it is a peak in the crowds of tourists who come to Pagudpud.
In this village, there is a fleet of buses serving the route from Florida to Manila Pagudpud. So you do not have to bother to change the vehicle if you want to go back to Manila.

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