Where to Fishing in Hong Kong ? The Answer is Lei Yuen Mun Village

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Lei yuen mun is one amongst the charming fishing village and panoramic. this fishing village has existed since the 19th century. this traditional village still maintained till currently as a result of kesejarahannya aspects thought-about vital. this region is an space formerly occupied via the majority of those that have livelihood being a fisherman.

Aside from you are fisherman, township residents are also bekerka da mining sector and that is not be distant direct from township. currently, within the village already uses a development when using the presence the most variety of facilities tourism. the fact is this space is visited by almost travelers who admire the beauty as to the surrounding scenery. the fact is they’re conjointly several culinary tour. out to reach this fishing village you can make use of a taxi and ferry from yau tong mtr station or san wan ho. this fishing village is relatively simple out to reach.

Numerous culinary delicious and contemporary seafood accessible during this space. numerous processed seafood that may be ordered here presented in accordance with his own wishes. you might want to return here when it was actually still early out to obtain the marine animals which can be found still contemporary as new brought direct from ocean by fishermen. besides still contemporary, you might want to conjointly opt for a spread of marine animals inclusive of ocean animals are still incomplete ( nobody out ). if you do in fact are being lucky, the crabs which can be found laying well and you may get eaten are certainly a lot of stable nutritional content.

Village atmosphere is felt here. life fishermen could in fact feel. you might want to still see the majority of the buildings and fishing boats dock with background scenery fantastic. the air is cool and comfortable atmosphere can get you to extremely enjoy life and even though solitary lifetime of any complexity. at dusk you might want to catch the panoramic beauty as to the typical beach no less ajibnya. amber lightweight of sunset can greet you within the whole land which was a watching the sun that would soon come back out to dusk.

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