Travel Around China, Eat in Mr. P Guolizhuang Restaurant

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penis foodThere’s one thing distinct after you travel out to beijing, china. there absolutely really undoubtedly are a restaurant with dishes like animal penis. that same, the dish has several edges for our body. dare out to attempt ?

China has got a type of exciting destinations for tourists. although not some are also capable wrinkled your forehead. in guolizhuang restaurant, you certainly will see a great deal of menus that give a spread of foods due to penis !

Looked from strangeorwhat, guolizhuang restaurant is located within the whole state capital of china, beijing. from the surface this restaurant appearance such as the restaurant in general. however when entered into, can be you could be guaranteed unbelievable shock.

Guolizhuang restaurant serves a menu of penis animals like monkeys, horses, goats, cows, and plenty of additional. in spite of this, the restaurant that stands 7 this year remains crowded with tourists.

In all probability a great deal of tourists who witness it strange or maybe even revulsion for the hearing. other then, the restaurant truly experienced a surefire procedure to serve varied foods of animal penis is.

Penis dish of one’s animals presented in this sort of luxurious and neatly arranged in one big plate. items of fruit and vegetables can enhance the cuisine. a few menu too has got a distinct name, there known as essence of one’s golden buddha, or phoenix rising.

Investigate it seems the chinese believe several edges of eating animal penises. they actually are convinced, these foods can increase male virility in the past have sensible properties for our skin ladies. wow !

Out to convince visitors that return, the waiters can justify the rewards of each and every dish. they’ll answer any queries from guests before ordering.

Guolizhuang restaurant apparently has got a chinatown branch in atlanta, United States. in beijing, this restaurant too experienced a go at some places. whenever trip out to china, don’t forget to prevent via the restaurant guolizhuang ya !

photo by Loozrboy/flickr

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