The Dangerous Chinese Mount Cliff Hanging Restaurant

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chinese foodClimb a mountain sometimes means that having out to survive with food packaging. though, it’s not the case in china. here there exists a restaurant hooked up towards the mountain cliffs. dare out to eat there ?

One mountain in hubei province, approximately 12 km towards the north of yichang town, you might want to very feel fine dining by the side of the cliff. located in happy valley xiling gorge, hanging fangweng restaurant offers views of one’s surrounding nature for brave explorer adventurers, told oddity central.

By having uninteresting brick building currently being a gateway, restaurant fangweng will not be underestimated. once you enter the restaurant, you might want to enjoy a fresh distinctive chinese cuisine whereas admiring the natural beauty of one’s xiling gorge.

However be careful if you’re afraid of heights, as a result of there exists a concrete bridge relies by the 30-meter vertical cliff side overlooking the yangtze river which can become your nightmare. fortunately, there exists a metal fence that you may will hold whereas walking in the direction of the restaurant.

The bridge leading towards the dining room by the side of the cliff. warm the area was lit by a standard chinese hanging lamp within the whole ceiling, beside furniture decoration china.

The tunnel itself could be a sight out to behold. however the most attraction of one’s restaurant fangwen are 2 concrete balcony, visitors will see all the wonders of happy valley or watch the bungee jumpers attraction when these jumped due to native bridge.

Fangweng restaurant offers a sort of traditional food specialties, made of contemporary fish, duck, pork, and even turtles, either vegetable or doused in spicy seasoning with pepper or chili powder. though you are definitely not enthusiasts of chinese food, eating food within the whole mountain cliffs whereas enjoying the beauty of nature makes the restaurant fangweng still worth a visit.

photo by PinkMoose/Flickr

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