Tourist Activity in Bergen

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Fjord_Ship_-_AtløyGod must have been smiling when creating Bergen, a small town is very pretty and has a natural charm that captivated. God blessed Bergen with seven mountains that surround the city, not to mention the flow fjord that offers fantastic scenery, cliffs Aksar place came rushing waterfalls, and equipped with thick green forests. Anyone would fall in love with the magic landscapes Bergen have, invite all nature lovers to taste a very typical landscape Bergen Norway or just admire from afar.

Been to Bergen is synonymous with outdoor activity, a great way to absorb the greatness of God’s creation in the land of Norway. No need to worry if you are not among the group of nature lovers who like hiking, Bergen offers a variety of tour packages that allows tourists to explore all the beauty of Bergen.

Not only has stunning outdoors, Bergen that in ancient times a port city is also very interesting to explore. It feels like walking into a maze filled with house-shaped wooden building Monopoly, walked out and entered a narrow street in a small town, just like playing hide and seek with Bergen.

The town is small, but the store treasures invaluable tourism. The enchantment of nature or city tours as well as could be done during a visit to Bergen. Be prepared for the city was stunned by.

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