The Kelpie Statues of Scotland will Open in April 2014

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Scotland_EileanDonan3Scottish artist named Andy Scott is designer of The Kelpie Statues. The Two Horse Head sculpture with a height of 30 meters is located in Falkirk. Starting from the hard work of the horse on duty when the industrial revolution age in Scotland, Andy Scott wants to give back by making a statue of the horse. Horses in Scotland in ancient times has become a very important animal for human life. Horses are used for various purposes for livestock, agriculture, and transportation such as pulling a boat through the Forth & Clyde canal.

Stainless steel construction is the essence of this horse head sculpture called The Kelpie Statues. Andy says that he was horse sculpture artists often work with a variety of themes and forms. Andy designs using architectural techniques called equitecture. Andy hopes that the Kelpie Statues can be an appreciation of the heritage monuments of horse power contribution to the development in Scotland.

The Kelpie is a part of the ancient Celtic mythology. The Legend of the white horse is very strong and feared throughout Ireland and Scotland. Kelpie told as mystical horse guards lakes and rivers. But you don’t need to be afraid. Because The Kelpie Statues are built in Scotland using a model which is a type of Clydesdales horse native from Scotland.

If there is no obstacle, The Kelpie Statues will be officially opened to the public in April 2014. Local authorities hope the Kelpie Statues can be the latest exciting destinations in Scotland.

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