Tanjung Benoa Beach and Turtle Island

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Tanjung_Benoa,_BaliTanjung Benoa Beach is located about 11 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport or about 14 kilometers from Kuta. Beach with soft white sand and a wide stretch of beach makes Tanjung Benoa perfect for water sports and adventure activities such as windsurfing, Parasiling, banana boat, glass bottom boat, waterskiing, flying fish, and jet skis. Also for underwater adventures such as Sea Walker and Odyssey. To enjoy various water sports facilities there, you do not have to spend too much money. Cost ranges from Rp.150000 to Rp.120000 to use for 10-15 minutes for each game. Only in crowded time, game time allotments often reduced to only about five minutes because of long queues.

In addition to water sports, the beach is another charm of Turtle Island which is about 30 minutes away by boat. Called Turtle Island because the island is a breeding various species of turtle are already scarce. To reach this location, you can ride a boat off the coast of Tanjung Benoa. The boat has a glass base or commonly called glass bottom that allows you to enjoy the underwater scenery beautiful southern Bali. Boat rental rates around Rp.50000 per person.

In Turtle Island, because of the shallow, the boat could not dock directly to the site. Visitors must go down and down the beach with water ankle. Id some places, the water can be as high as an adult’s knee. Furthermore visitors will be guided by local residents to get around see various species of sea turtles in captivity. They are maintained to prevent extinction. Allowed to develop naturally. Here you are free to take pictures with the turtle anywhere. On this island turtle could only swim practice. Once the eggs are broken and then enlarged, baby sea turtles will be released into the open sea. While the turtle mother remains in captivity.

Besides turtles, on the island there are also some other animals such as sea eagles, hornbills, snakes, and bats that have been domesticated. You also can pose in front of the camera with the animal.

Tickets for admission to the turtle island is free, but it does not hurt you to donate a few dollars to help local residents to conserve turtle activity. To reach Tanjung Benoa Beach, you can take a bus or the tourism bring their own vehicle. Currently there is no public transportation through the region.

Meet Dolphins

Incredibly not miss on the way to Tanjung Benoa with a time of 60 minutes is the attraction of dolphins off the coast. There are many points to see hordes of dolphins. Very engrossing look at these friendly animals continued to jump as he followed the pace boat.

The best time to watch the dolphins are at dawn or before sunset. At that moment a herd of dolphins for food so it is likely to berjumba with greater than if they travel during the day. This recreation rate take of $ 70 per person. That price includes pick-up from the dank e hotels around Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, and Sanur and lunch, boat rental, and health insurance.

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