Skip the Lines! This Hotel Hooks You Up with Your Own Great Wall Access

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So, you know the Great Wall is the go-to spot in China, but the weekend crowds are a buzzkill? Fear not, there’s a hotel that’s got your back with a shortcut – no queues required.

As spilled by CNN on a chill Wednesday (20/12), we’re talking about the one and only Commune by the Great Wall. This place is like a secret passage to the Great Wall of China.

Just an hour north of Beijing, slap-bang at the Shuiguan slice of the wall, this hotel lets you ditch the queues and take a breezy 20-minute walk to hit the Great Wall. Forget about the lines, the tour guide chatter, and the parking lot chaos – here, you get the Great Wall all to yourself.

Originally dreamt up as a countryside hangout for Beijing’s cool cats, this spot is the brainchild of developer duo Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin. What started as an elite escape turned into this rad hotel.

To amp up the cool factor, Pan and Zhang brought in big-shot architects and designers. They kept things local with materials and vibes, making the hotel feel like it grew out of the landscape.

Nestled in the middle of green mountains, Commune by the Great Wall throws epic green views your way. The hotel even bagged a shoutout at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2002. Picture 12 slick buildings that just got finished, plus some extras from a few years back.

In 2021, Commune by the Great Wall joined the cool Hyatt Unbound Collection crew. When you book a spot here, you roll up, pick which building vibes with you, and you’re golden. These buildings are like villas, perfect for kicking back with the fam.

But don’t worry, solo explorers get some love too – Commune by the Great Wall has communal buildings with solo spots.

For anyone looking to soak in the Great Wall vibes on the down-low, this hotel is your jam. Prices kick off at Yuan 1,245 per night for a single room with a king-size bed. No queues, no hassle – just you and the Great Wall.

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