Don’t Be a Gate Louse! Relax and Enjoy Your Boarding, Stress-Free

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Boarding a plane often comes with long queues, but did you know there’s a term for those eager beavers who rush to be the first in line? If you’re someone who can’t resist being the first to board, you might get tagged as a ‘gate louse.’

As shared by Metro UK on a casual Friday (December 22, 2023), you’ve likely witnessed the familiar sight of long queues forming at departure gates. The moment the gate swings open, passengers hurriedly gather to queue up and board the plane.

While some might see this as a common practice, many airline staff view it as a bit of a bother.

“Those in economy class often huddle at the airport gate, causing a bottleneck in the boarding areas” shared a friendly employee from a UK airline.

According to this friendly insider, these queues can sometimes get in the way of First and Business Class passengers who are supposed to board first according to the rules.

“And it’s not just about obstructing the boarding area; the queues can also create confusion, especially for passengers with disabilities who need to navigate through the lines with a wheelchair,” he explained with a nod.

Now, those who are always in a hurry to get on board and be the first in line have earned themselves a special nickname: ‘Gate Lice.’ Picture them continuously lining up like little lice in front of the departure gate.

“Being a ‘gate louse’ can sometimes cause delays. When it’s time for everyone to board, these eager folks often need to be escorted from the front of the line to the back, slowing down the boarding process for everyone,” he said with a chuckle.

Plenty of flight crews have shared advice with passengers, suggesting they take it easy and not rush to queue up right in front of the departure gate. After all, everyone’s got an assigned seat mentioned right on their ticket.

And truth be told, spending more time on the plane than necessary is just as uncomfortable as waiting around for longer than needed.

“Sometimes, the urge to board early stems from wanting to feel in control, which, in turn, might help reduce stress—especially for those who’ve had their fair share of running late,” shared the ever-insightful Dr. Audrey.

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