Short History of Jayco Travel Trailers

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Jayco_Jay_Flight_travel_trailerHave you ever heard of Jayco travel trailers? Yes, Jayco is a company that focuses on producing automotive or automotive vehicles used for tourism or recreation. Jayco center of automotive companies are located in Indiana, Middlebury. The company was founded by Lloyd Jay Bontrager in 1967. Indeed, as the name suggests, stand firm in the name of the owner ‘Jay’ on the grounds that they will provide superior service to their customer like family. The company also stands out because of advice from Jay’s wife named Bertha.

Jayco began producing vehicles named Jayco travel trailers in 1967 and it turns out, is very encouraging response from consumers. That’s because the idea of producing the first Jayco travel trailers floor plans and others, they’ve managed to sell about 132 travel trailers and assisted by 15 employees. The company’s automotive design and technology continue to develop in accordance with the demand of the market. In 1970, the company managed to sell 2000 automotive travel trailers. They also managed to penetrate the United States market and up to Canada. This is an encouraging achievement.

To this day Jayco travel trailers managed to produce as many as 25,000 each year and in 1700 assisted by employees. This of course is the result of hard work to fulfill the needs Jayco consumers who want good vehicle both design and capabilities as well as the most important is that Jayco travel trailers floor plans and others can be used anywhere you sightseeing, tourism, recreation and camping by bringing all the requirements you need for your on vacation.

If you are also interested to buy a Jayco travel trailers for your next vacation, you should see a lot of designs of every travel trailers produced by Jayco. That’s because there are a lot of types, designs, and of course the ability of different price on each unit of the vehicle. You can also visit the official website of Jayco travel trailers to get more information about travel trailers by Jayco.

This year, 2014, the Jayco produce the latest models and designs of every travel trailers. You can see the details and specifications of each vehicle of Jayco travel trailers on the official website. You can also visit the auto shows or come directly to the dealer nearest Jayco trailers to find out more. Travel trailers by Jayco is the right choice for you if you want a vacation to bring all the needs you want including bedding, cooking, relaxing and others.

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