See Diamond Sparkle from West Bornoe, The Ismahayana

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Keraton_SaunanIsmahayana is oldest kingdom in west kalimantan and blood relatives along with the kingdom of majapahit in java. the keraton skin appearance plain, however within decorated by diamonds and precious stones. don’t believe ?

Yellow-green color dominates within the whole town palace ismahayana hedgehogs, west kalimantan. complicated of wood buildings that looked deserted, no residents coupled with visitors. though not challenging to realize this palace, located one side of one’s main street urchins town. i visited this palace on wednesday, beside ladies across borneo expedition team before traveling to actually indonesia-malaysia border. native residents named didik that guide us. finally it was he who summoned caretaker ismahayana palace that opened the door for those.

It will be the oldest kingdom in west kalimantan, around since the 14th century, aforementioned didik. shortly thereafter came the gatekeeper. his name is gusti mahidin ( 38 ), a father who is incredibly friendly and smiling. he opened the door and ushered us ismahayana palace entrance.

The living room is divided into 2 elements : the left and right. the photos and short explanation relating to the history of one’s kingdom ismahayana plastered inside the walls. till this purpose, my first impression of one’s palace ismahayana is simple. building of timber purchases ( typical borneo ironwood ) blends nicely along with the simple living room.

However once you enter into your living room, the impression was immediately modified. elegance radiates due to glittering throne due to the component gold, diamonds, and precious stones. these objects exist within the whole chair, curtains, jars, till the display wall. exposed to actually sunlight gleaming due to windows.

Who ever the fancy throne ? raden is ismahayana, the very first king who was the grandson of 1 of one’s king of majapahit. the past king named prince ratu gusti abdul hamid. he died in 1943, were slaughtered by japanese troopers within the whole event of mandor. within the whole kings bedroom, i caught the same impression. though green-yellow wood building appearance simple, the curtains surrounding the bed is likewise studded with several precious stones. king clothing on display there, embroidered with gold thread. curious, i asked mr. gusti mahidin. utilizing a smile, he replied positive. Its town of diamonds. hedgehogs are standard community for diamonds and gold within the river there, due to starting till now, he aforesaid.

After driving around and returned to firmly the outdoor patio, i asked didik. the answer is similar to firmly mr. gusti mahidin. residents here several diamond panning. gold can be a whole lot, other then its one of the valuable diamond. a diamond the scale of green beans that might well be up to firmly rp 20 million if sold, he aforesaid. i then concluded, wonder keraton ismahayana abundant precious stones. they will mendulangnya of porcupine river upstream. not lots of individuals apprehend this palace full of treasure. i then asked mr. gusti mahidin, what he’s not afraid of no goods were stolen due to palace ? it’s not, folks around listed here are still managing the blood ( the kingdom ) ismahayana. nobody dared, all additionally appreciate the history, he aforesaid proudly.

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