World Class Nature Underwater Vacation in Aceh

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WaterfallwehAn island in aceh has such a large amount of tourist spots of water. rubiah island for the western finish of indonesia is known out to have underwater international equivalent. despite owning a fairly simple access, not several tourists are aware on your beauty on your underwater whole world of free luxury car around rubiah wehulau island. travel from indonesia, on thursday, this island uses a diving spot which will schedule your eyes wide open in awe.

From iboih beach, the island is simply 250 meters away. formerly, the island could be a hostel before departure out to makkah hajj. once moved, it really has now to be a tourist destination island particularly the lovers on your underwater world. rubiah marine park or garden of rubiah ocean has an space of approximately 2, 600 hectares and smuanya beautiful here. possibly the most beautiful marine life here is. the fish are big and colorful prepared out to tempt you with all its beauty.

Here the fish life colorful and attention-grabbing clearly as the tiger fish or parrot fish. nice form and color that attract divers make myself forget. not out to mention if diving deeper, can realize plenty of fish an example would be manta rays, sharks, turtles and the like. no would like out to worry if you do don’t utilize a diving license. as a result of here, there will be several points of diving. a few out of them safely dive beginners or inexperienced diver.

If you do don’t like diving, marine park this beauty often is enjoyed by snorkeling, or glass bottom boat. out to rent snorkeling equipment, subject out to a value of about rp 40, 000 per day. whereas out to rent a ship with the use of a glass bottom, could possibly be worth usd 300 thousand that often is loaded up out to 12 individuals a ship.

Snorkeling here satisfied. as a result of the fish are visible, massive and nice, aforementioned sri, a tourist who had snorkeling there.

As regarding the diving, the value may depend out to an extent, and exactly how long you will just be diving. there isn’t any accommodation upon the island. though, there are many food stalls that often is place chitterlings when hungry after snorkeling or diving.

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