Say Hello to Monalisa in Louvre

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Who will not recognize monalisa. miss this one can possibly be regarded just like the most famous painting within the whole history of humanity. thus once ive named my cat monalisa buduk hometown. well, finally 2 days ago i met when using the real mona lisa – leonardo da vinci paintings on show for the musee du louvre, paris.

Within the whole louvres main objectives are clear met at miss monalisa, in addition to the french language referred to as la joconde. other then build no mistake, a collection of paintings here monumental. its size wasn’t half-hearted. if folks say sak hohah java.

Finally we arrived for the room wherein the owner was a mysterious smile. unlike one other paintings, monalisa was given a glass, in front there exists a barrier to make sure that the visitors couldn’t get shut. additionally, there could be officers who will be additionally keeping.

After being within the whole louvre us out. it isn’t long during this museum as a result of it was eventually late therefore we were too tired as a result of since the morning away from the apartment and was walking the champs elysees out to the louvre. outside temperatures close to zero degrees.

Within the whole complicated louvres many souvenir traders, nearly all from african countries. among them came out to provide merchandise

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