Popular Tourist Love Destinations at Romance Day in Nami Island

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Nami island, south korea could be a good place for creating love. the small island within the middle of one’s han river dam is thus destinations for lovers. tourists are still singles please wait and see in that atmosphere.

Romantic atmosphere it extremely feels when asiafreetravel opportunity out to visit nami nami island as well as island this weekend. additionally out to many decorated symbols of romance, the island that covers just 480 thousand m2 can be full of young couples who will be intoxicated by romance.

Along at the entrance in the island, colorful acme plants in small pots arranged this sort of way so as out to kind a heart symbol. just like a warning in the visitors that the island is intending to be terribly romantic. don’t be surprised if you do see many young couples were dating.

Numerous symbol of love is found in nami island. even the foliage litter of origin wasn’t swept, however shaped like hearts first before being transported by a janitor. thus additionally along with the names of places in it, is not off from love affairs.

The very first kiss bridge is one amongst the locations direct from name alone is romantic. the wood bridge is decorated boards opaque glass bottles bertempelkan former beverage. terribly dramatic for photos at the aspect of friends, particularly along with the background of timber with colorful leaves.

At finished of one’s small bridges that aren’t too long, there will be locations known as winter sonata first kiss. at this same location, the very first kiss scene 2 main characters within the series winter sonata was made. for fans of korean dramas, this place could well be thus monumental.

Different locations in nami island that became iconic thanks in the series winter sonata was metasequoia lane. this can be the trail amongst the towering timber that lined neatly on the ideal side of his left. rows of timber is a awfully iconic within the film.

Interestingly, a row of timber in metasequoia lane promise scenery is usually totally different in every season. shades of white can adorn the branches of one’s timber and walkways, whereas the red and brown leaves can adorn the autumn.

When asiafreetravel came out to visit along at the invitation from friends, spring has barely begun. nevertheless emerging shoots colorful leaves, thus as so much just like the eye will see just the visible branches are still clean. however instead it led to some a lot of dramatic gloom.

Not off from metasequoia lane, there could be a monument that confirms that the website is an icon of winter sonata. a statue and that is nothing however portray command character the film 2 are creating love, that became one amongst the favorite locations for photographs.

Whereas not all visitors who come back are lovers. many additionally consist of an office party, family or come back alone. however as a result of it’s a terribly romantic place, it looks unfortunately that the island is simply crawled alone.

However don’t worry, the romance doesn’t invariably have dibandung with friends. creating out with nature and its inhabitants is equally romantic. numerous animals an example would be ducks, squirrels and rabbits are left free out to roam the island is incredibly tame and acquainted out to be invited out to mingle.

Direct from south korean capital, seoul, nami island or namiseum island is 63 km and can possibly be reached by bus among 2 hours drive. out to cross, visitors will make use of the ferry or if you do have what you want guts might additionally slide direct from tower with the use of a zip-wire cost 38 thousand won ( usd 331 thousand ).

Out to enter, visitors should pay regarding the ticket as well as so-called visa as a result of the thought of nami island is an imaginary design fantasy country. the value of visa set at 10 thousand won ( usd 87 thousand ) in the public and 8 thousand won ( usd 70 thousand ) for foreign tourists.

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