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new zealand cheap ticketMany travelers who are planning a trip to New Zealand. If you do not want to be bothered with transit visas, travelers can use the plane from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Singapore Air serves flights from Singapore to Christchurch and Auckland. Malaysia Airline flying from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland. While serving Jetstar flight from Singapore to Auckland. Normal price ticket for a flight to Singapore water to Christchurch about US $ 1,500. While the normal price ticket to Malaysia Airline flight to Auckland around $ 1100, not including baggage, taxes, food, entertainment, and drinks. Jetstar low season ticket with 20 kg baggage through singapore about $ 1000.

If Australia is planning to stop by, you can take a flight from Australia because there are more options. Three major airlines in Australia, namely Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia, serving flights from several cities in Australia to several cities in New Zealand such as Rotorua, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. A long way from town in Australia to New Zealand only about 3 hours.This makes New Zealand became a popular tourist destination for Australians. Flights vary depending on the season. Usually there is a big promotion for tickets outside of school holidays. Price low season airfares for Jetstar flights from Sydney to Christchurch usually around AUD89, not including baggage and meals. Jetstar normal price is usually cheaper than the normal price of Virgin Australia, Qantas moreover. However, if it is the promotion period, all competing airlines lower prices.

In addition to the three Australian airline, there are also foreign airlines flying from Australia to New Zealand, which is Air New Zealand and Emirates. Emirates is an airline belonging to the United Arab Emirates flies from Sydney to Christchurch and from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Auckland. Emirates ticket prices fairly competitive, almost the same as the Air New Zealand ticket for the same route.Since this is not a budget airline, ticket includes 30 kg of luggage, food, entertainment, and drinks.

On the way from New Zealand, tourists can ride on Emirates from Auckland to Sydney. For those who have never felt the Emirates, this can be a pleasant experience. A380s, 2nd Floor, and only charged 10 people per row. Food served full course as the main menu, appetizers, desserts, biscuits, cheese, bread, butter. Various alcoholic drinks are also available. The most fun is the entertainment provided. Various movies, there is also more game. One of the cool features they have is a camera that is mounted on the three parts of the plane. From the camera you can see the process of takeoff and landing. They even It provides an internet and telephone services in flight. For this service, you have to pay a few dollars by using a credit card. Auckland to Sydney Tickets can be purchased through the website at USD138 per person for each way.

Air New Zealand is the official airline of New Zealand government-owned. Airline flies between cities in New Zealand and also to some of the major cities in Australia.Although not a budget airline, ticket pricing system in Air New Zealand to follow the system of cheap airline tickets, there is a special ticket seats only, no seating and luggage, and there is a ticket for a complete service which includes seating, luggage, entertainment, drinks, and food . The ticket system sometimes gets confusing when travelers want to book a plane ticket through booking websites like expedia or zuji, because there was no offer to purchase extra baggage on this website. To get a quote from the airline’s ticket, visit Grab A Seat. In addition to cheap airfare deals, this website also sell cheap accommodation, cheap car rental, even to the activity ticket and food voucher.

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