New Way to See Tokyo’s Cherry Blossoms: Taxi Tours!

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Japan’s famous for its stunning cherry blossoms, but they don’t stick around for long. That’s why there’s this awesome tour inviting you to enjoy the cherry blossom beauty all over the city.

As shared by Sora News 24 on Monday (3/11/2024), Japan’s got loads of spots for cherry blossom viewing, known as ohanami. But since these blooms don’t last forever, travelers often find themselves hopping from one spot to another, eagerly waiting for next year’s bloom.

But hey, here’s a cool hack to make the most of cherry blossom season: hop on a citywide taxi tour! The folks at Sanwa Koutsu taxi company have crafted six different Taxi Ohanami tours.

These tours take you on a sweet journey to enjoy cherry blossoms at multiple spots, lasting between 90 to 150 minutes. It’s like a chill ride around Tokyo and nearby areas to soak in some stunning sakura views.

For example, in the 90-minute Tokyo Course package, they’ll whisk you away to Keyakizaka in Roppongi, Chidorigafuchi (the moat around the Imperial Palace), Spain-zaka in Shibuya, Sotobori in Ichigaya, and Yasukuni Shrine.

Want more? How about the 120-minute Fuchu Course, which takes you to Fuchu Sakuradori, Tama Cemetery, Ozawa Grand-don, local stadiums, and Togoji Shrine. It’s a bit out of Tokyo’s hustle and bustle, but totally worth it for some chill vibes.

And there’s plenty more where that came from, like the 120-minute Kodaira Course, showing off sakura in the heart of the city. You’ll cruise by Tama Lake Cycling Road, the police academy neighborhood, Itsukaichi-gaido Street, Kodaira Chuo Park, and even a 287-year-old Koganeizakura sakura tree!

Feeling adventurous? Try the 150-minute Hachioji Course, featuring sakura at Katakura Joseki Park, Korakuji Temple, Tokyo Cemetery, Ryonan Park, Asakawa River, Hachioji City Hall, and Fujimori Park.

And if you’re up for a little road trip, there’s the 120-minute Yokohama Course, taking you around Kanagawa Prefecture bordering Tokyo to the south. From Minato Mirai district on the bay to Kamonyama Park, Ookagawa River, and beyond, it’s a cherry blossom adventure!

Prices range from around 11,000 to 19,000 Yen, depending on the route you pick. Not bad, huh? And since it’s per car, it’s pretty affordable if you’re traveling with a friend or two.

These Taxi Ohanami tours are ready to roll, so hop on and book your cherry blossom adventure through the Sanwa Koutsu website. Just make sure to check the cherry blossom blooming dates before you go!

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