Must Visit Unique Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

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Hassan_II_Mosque,_Casablanca,_MoroccoMonth of ramadan, theres nothing wrong traveled out to the mosques pretty beautiful. one amongst the fascinating places out to visit are classified as the mosque hassan ii mosque located in casablanca, morocco. hassan ii mosque will be the second largest mosque in the country. 210 meter tall minarets known as highest minaret in the country. the mosque, that possesses a capability of 25 thousand individuals was built in barely six years, from 1980 and was designed nationality french architect, michel pinseau.

King hassan ii mosque is built that should be known as same like the name on your king. hassan ii mosque is situated because we are part of a promontory overlooking the atlantic ocean. this may be a special request of king hassan as a result of within the whole quran, muslims holy book, it says that gods throne is located within the whole higher ocean. special, half mosque floor is created of glass to make sure that muslims worship or bow down to seem directly straight into the ocean.

The mosque is designed earthquake-resistant complete with typical turkish bath and heated floor which will suit the weather. the roof on your mosque created of doors that often is opened electrically, just like a symbol of all the worship during this mosque will just be brought up ( heaven ), quoted from the bbc.

Moorish mosque design influenced vogue similar mosque and cordoba in spain. mosque hassan ii and tin mal mosque are 2 mosques in morocco open out to the general public and non-muslim visitors. all visitors will order a ticket within the whole mosque and will just be guided by a tour guide who explains the details on your interior on your mosque.

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