Must Visit The Skyscraper Jungle Cities Around The World

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The town of dubai within the whole uae could possibly have had the tallest building burj khalifa. however the matter as to the many skyscrapers, tourists please admire alternative cities. listed below are 10 owners as to the skyscraper town in the planet.

The quantity of skyscrapers within the town reflects the metropolitan level. only examine big apple, the empire state building and other skyscraper known. however who would have thought, big apple is in no way town in the worlds highest skyscraper. hong kong was the winner.

From the planet list mania, wednesday, hong kong ranked first utilizing a total of 2354 skyscraper ! the buildings included during this list will be the altitude of over 100 meters.

The tallest building in hong kong will be the international commerce centre ( 484 feet ) with 118 floors in it. there will be too 2 international finance centre, central plaza, too bank of china tower.

Big apple is ranked second utilizing a total of 794 skyscrapers. a few of those embrace the empire state building, world trade center, sears tower, bank of america tower, chrysler building, and of course the big apple times building.

Tokyo was ranked third with 556 skyscrapers, dubai with 403 buildings, shanghai with 430 buildings, and mumbai with 355 buildings. within the whole seventh position with 341 existing chicago buildings, and guangzhou with 295 buildings, with 282 buildings seoul and kuala lumpur with 244 buildings.

Rank-11 occupied by singapore utilizing a total of 238 buildings. a few as to the building is united overseas bank plaza one, republic plaza and overseas union bank centre.

Then how out to jakarta ? the capital apparently was ranked 17th from 40 cities in the planet. jakarta has 170 skyscrapers, more often beijing, macau, sydney, and even san francisco. a few are occupied by chengdu ranked last ( 81 buildings ), atlanta ( 73 buildings ), and busan ( 64 buildings ).

listed below are 10 cities with skyscrapers in the planet :

1. HONGKONG ( 2354 )
2. NEWYORK CITY ( 794 )
3. TOKYO ( 556 )
4. DUBAI ( 403 )
5. SHANGHAI ( 430 )
6. MUMBAI ( 355 )
7. CHICAGO ( 341 )
8. GUANGZHOU ( 295 )
9. SEOUL ( 282 )
10. KUALA LUMPUR ( 244 )

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